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COOKING TIP: Shuck the oyster and cut the meat free. If you are eating the oyster whole you will only want a medium sized one. Add a squeeze of lemon a couple of drops of tabasco and a sprinkle of pepper - and that's it! Serve with love.
HEALTH FACT: Oysters as well as being the food of love are also one of the best sources of Omega 3 with 1,804 mg per 100 g of fish. They are high in Zinc and vitamin D and very low in fat.


Our delicious Pacific Oysters are harvested at Porthilly near Rock on the north Cornish coast. Grown in the Camel Estuary these are certainly a jewel in Cornwall's culinary crown. These are wonderfully fresh when eaten in the traditional manner give a burst of fresh saltiness with a sweet, rich, creamy finish.

Half Dozen

Oysters were probably the best we have ever had

We had the seafood today as a platter for a special lunch. We were very impressed. The oysters were probably
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the best we have ever had. It was all delicious and we will be ordering again.

Donna, Hertford

Oysters were so creamy, meaty and delicious tasting

We have had the oysters followed by the soup. Like Jane remarked, the oysters were so creamy, meaty and delicious
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tasting. The best we have ever had. They are the first oysters I have ever opened myself with my new opener. I am very proud. We just had lemon juice over them as well as a little pepper and tabasco.

Roy, Peterborough

My husband loved the oysters!

Just wanted to say we all enjoyed the fish and my husband loved the oysters and they were very easy
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to open up. I will definitely be ordering shellfish and fish from you guys in the future

Jackie, Chichester

Oysters made for a fantastic starter

The oysters made for a fantastic Valentines day starter and I have yummy plans for the whiting and tuna steaks.
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Delivery as promised - nothing to complain about and everything to be delighted about.

David, Windermere

The oysters were as good as the ones we had in Cornwall

We are delighted with our first order, had the oysters last night and they were as good as the ones
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we had last weekend in Cornwall. Will no doubt be placing another order very soon.

Anne Marie, Hook

Your oysters were the best we have ever tasted

OMG! What can we say. The whole experience has been a joy and as oyster connoisseurs, we have to say
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yours were the best we have ever tasted! Packaging, delivery and presentation were perfect.

John, Billingborough

Freshness of Oysters was amazing!

Everything arrived in excellent condition. The freshness of Oysters, Lobsters and Lemonsole was amazing. I will definitely be using your
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service again in the future.

Winfried, Manchester

Fantastic, fresh oysters

Absolutely fantastic, fresh oysters, I gorged on them. Great crab and potted shrimp. I shall order more oysters tonight.

Paul, Southam

The oysters taste so fresh, just like the sea!

Its never a large order as its just myself and my partner who love fish, but as usual, it was
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great. Our second time with the oysters, they taste so fresh, just like the sea, and not like fish!

Oysters were wonderfully fresh

The order looks great, though much has gone into the freezer in readiness for Christmas. The oysters were enjoyed yesterday
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evening - wonderfully fresh. We were grateful for the knife, as the oysters put up a good fight!

Amanda, Wantage

Oysters truly outstanding!

As usual, I am totally delighted with the order. Your oysters and lobster are truly outstanding!

Sabine, Whitchurch

Oysters are superb!

I used to think all Pacifics were roughly the same but your oysters are always tough to open, which seems
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to give them a firmness and freshness, allowing each one to be chewed for a few moments to capture and enjoy the great, unique oyster flavours. They are superb!

Graham, Fetcham

Oysters were AMAZING!

The oysters were AMAZING! The best we have ever had at home. My husband is planning to order more, as
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soon as he can.

Sarah, London

Delicious Oysters

I am no longer an oyster virgin!! I received my order this morning, which was several types of seafood including
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4 fresh oysters. I have been tempted to have oysters before but always bottled it. Today, thanks to you, I did the deed. Delicious. Very surprised, not what I had imagined. They tasted so fresh, they didnt taste of fish. The flesh was so soft, what a treat. My partner was also an oyster virgin too, so we took the plunge together. Cant wait until we have them again. Oh, the rest of the order was top too