Sustainable Swaps for Imported Farmed Tiger Prawns

The practices involved in farming imported tiger prawns can be pretty terrible all round.

They are typically farmed intensively on the edges of endangered mangrove swamps in SE Asia, seriously impacting these fragile ecosystems. Eye stalk oblation is common, a barbaric method used to increase breeding. Poor human rights standards are widespread too.

The great news is that there are a delicious alternative that has everything we love about tiger prawns, without the damaging practices!

There is no doubt that our decision not to stock farmed tiger prawns from South East Asia was absolutely the right thing to do. We have been overwhelmed by support for our stance from our customers, but it was clear that there was a feeling of sadness that the product was no longer available. A large plump tiger prawn sizzling on the barbecue or soaking in hoisin and garlic is, after all, an undeniably mouth-watering prospect.

We have at last discovered a superb wild red tiger prawn fishery in the cool waters of the South Atlantic. Well managed by the local fishing community, with no-catch zones in the spawning areas and quotas carefully controlled to ensure the sustainability of the species. They are simply stunning. Please try them, and tell your friends!

We also have found an outstanding farmed tiger prawn in the UK. Supply is intermittent as they refine their remarkable technology, but it has outstanding aquaculture standards and we are very proud to sell this brilliant un-imported option that is outstanding in the kitchen.