Where does our Wild Seabass come from?

"Fresh Bass from Cornwall,
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Wild Cornish Seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax)

We class Wild Seabass as a Mediterranean Fish, falling between oily and non-oily species. Cornwall has a number of wonderful bass fisheries and indeed it is landed all around the South West coast. The minimum catch size in Cornwall is larger than elsewhere, helping maintain a healthy and sustainable fishery.

The fish are both line-caught and netted, and are usually day boat fresh. They are so fresh that when they arrive with us they often still have rigor mortis!

Despite its undeniable beauty both in the water and out of it (on a plate!), Seabass are formidable predators. The French call bass loup de mer which means 'wolf of the sea' and they certainly live up to that reputation hunting out smaller fish to satisfy their huge appetite.