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COOKING TIP: Turbot has a firm and succulent texture and can be cooked successfully most ways including: frying; grilling; steaming; poaching and it even works on the BBQ. As with all fish simplicity is best and you can't beat pan frying it with a bit of lemon, butter and pepper - simply gorgeous.

You can cook it whole, filleted or in tranches depending on your preference. Our preference is off the bone, but tranches are also brilliant.


Turbot really is the 'King' of the sea. They are the largest of the South West flatfish and are big and strong predators! It is up there with lobster and Dover Sole in terms of being simply stunning.

A whole fish usually weighs around 1500g. It can be cooked as a whole fish or filleted, and works well both ways. If you take it as a whole fish make sure you have cooking equipment large enough to take the fish in that way! If you ask us to send whole (using the menu below) there will be no weight loss.

If you ask us to Trim and Cut into Tranches (using the menu below) you will receive approximately 750g finished weight.

One fish will be enough as a starter for 6 and a main course for 3.

>> click here for fillets

Not big enough? When available we do land larger fish and if you would like us to go to market to source one for you please call us on 01208 262202 or email

Delighted with the quality and freshness of the Turbot

I had ordered the items for a special supper and lunch the following day to sweep my partner of her
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feet. Guess what, it worked! We were both delighted with the quality and the freshness of the lobster, the turbot and the free mussels you kindly provided. On opening the pack, the kitchen filled with a fresh Atlantic breeze and we were transported to Cornwall. This was the second time I ordered supplies from you and again, like the first time, it was ten marks out of ten. We will be back for more!

Matthew, Leatherhead

Turbot was fresh

Arrived Saturday morning , the turbot and scallops were fresh and we had a lovely meal last night. Thanks for
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the great quality produce and service.

Jonathan, Stevenage

Fantastic Turbot

Fantastic Turbot. Thanks so much.

Richard, Southend-On-Sea

The turbot was fantastic!

Had the Turbot and it was just fantastic with a beurre blanc, the crab is for a dinner party tonight.

William, Redhill

Delighted with the quality and freshness

My guests were delighted with the quality and freshness of the turbot. And the free fish did two meals !!!!!!!

Neville, Lytham St Annes

Delicious turbot!

Website is great and the fish we had at christmas arrived in the nick of time and was excellent. Delicious
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