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Monkfish Wrapped in Prosciutto

Monkfish Recipe
The perfect accompaniment for this is an India Pale Ale. The saltiness of the prosciutto and the rich meatiness of the fish go so well with the bitter, floral hoppy flavours of an IPA.
Try St Austell Brewery's Proper Job IPA or Meantime India Pale Ale from the Meantime Brewery in London.
x pack of Prosciutto
A few sprigs of fresh Thyme
g mixed Wild Mushrooms (shop bought unless you really know what you are doing)
ml Olive Oil
x medium Onion (diced)
A few teaspoons of Red Pesto
Salt and Black Pepper
1. Roll out a length of cling film and arrange the prosciutto in a line to form a thin sheet of ham.

2. Spread a thin layer of red pesto over the ham.

3. Lay the monkfish in the centre of the prosciutto and carefully roll the ham up and over the fish. Continue to roll until you have a long sausage shaped fillet of fish evenly wrapped. Use the cling film to tightly wrap the fish and chill in a fridge for a couple of hours or overnight.

4. Wipe your mushrooms clean of any dirt, and wash and pick the Thyme from the stems.

5. Cut the fish into four portions and unwrap from the cling film

6. Heat the oil in a large frying pan and add the fish carefully.

7. Cook for 3 minutes and turn each piece by a quarter of a turn.

8. Add the diced onion to the pan

9. Turn the fish twice more, cooking for a few minutes on each turn.

10. On the last turn add the mushrooms.

11. Once the fish has been cooking for 110-12 minutes remove from the pan and place in a warm over covered with a little tin foil. Make sure the oven is low as you do not want to dry the fish out.

12. Turn the heat up under the pan and finish cooking the mushrooms for a few minutes.

13. Season with salt and pepper and add the thyme at the last minute.

14. Pile the mushrooms onto four plates and arrange chunky slices of monkfish on the top.

15. Serve with some chunky chips that are sprinkled with sea salt and an ice cold glass of IPA, or maybe a healthy salad….ask dad what he would prefer!