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Recipe List

Lemony Lemon Sole

This is such a simple grilled dish and absolutely delicious. It also works with plaice, megrim and other flat fish.
5 minutes preparation and 15 minutes cooking time is all it takes!
x Lemon Sole, (weight after filleting & skinning)
x lemons
Unsalted butter
Sea salt and pepper to season
1. Trim the fins and tail off the whole lemon sole, and score the dark side of the skin with a sharp knife.

2. Slice half of the lemons and lay a bed of lemons across the bottom of a shallow baking tray.

3. Smear butter over both sides of the lemon sole and season generously with Cornish sea salt and pepper.

4. Lay the fish dark skin up on top of the lemon slices. You will need enough lemon for the number of fish you are cooking.

5. Heat the grill to maximum and place the tray under the grill and close it. Cook for 10-12 minutes, checking it every few minutes and baste the fish with the melting butter each time.

6. The grill will cook the dark side to a crisp texture and the heat from the pan will cook the underside. It you are at all concerned half way through heat the pan directly on the hob for 2 minutes and then place it back under the grill.

7. Serve with new potatoes and spinach. Make sure you drizzle the warm lemony butter over the fish and squeeze more lemon over the fish just before serving.