Frozen Seafood Questions

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Can thawed foods be frozen again?

The main reason for recommending "do not re-freeze", is to avoid the risk that some consumers may use inappropriate thawing methods, e.g. thawing at room temperature for too long a time, or letting the thawed food get too warm before refreezing is started.

Our recommendations

Put in the freezer as soon as possible. 'Don't wait...Refrigerate'

Purchase a fridge thermometer, these are widely available from retailers. Check the temperature of your freezer. Is it operating at -18°C or below? If it is not, turn the refrigeration unit up if possible.

If foods are still frozen and have not softened, turn the freezer to its maximum setting for 24 hours, before restoring to a setting which maintains a temperature of -18°C.

If foods have thawed but are still colder than 4°C store them at the bottom of a refrigerator and use within 24 hours. Once fully cooked many foods can be frozen to be used within one month. Our products should be delivered at or below 0 C,, there should still be Ice in the box, and in tests we have conducted  the temperature inside the boxes remains at that temperature for over 36 hours. If in doubt cook and then freeze.

Bacteria, some of which cause food poisoning, cannot grow at freezer temperatures, but freezing DOES NOT kill them. Fish, other than the filter feeding shellfish such as Oysters and Mussels, do not contain any bacteria harmful to humans.
Don't forget eventually even well-frozen food will deteriorate and become unpalatable whilst still remaining safe to eat, so don't leave it in the freezer indefinitely.