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king scallops
COOKING TIP: With something as delightful as a king scallop it is important to keep the cooking simple. Pan fried with butter, garlic, pepper and parsley on a high heat and you can't go wrong. You could also try adding chorizo or black pudding as the combination works a treat.
HEALTH FACT: Scallops are very low in cholesterol and high in nutrients such as Omega 3 rich oils, Zinc and vitamin D. They are also very low in fat.

Fresh King Scallops

King scallops are so rich and sweet and very easy to cook. We source ours from small inshore day boats that fish mainly around the South Cornish coastline. That makes them super-fresh, and with their bright orange roe they look amazing.

Half dozen.

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scallop shells


Great for presentation or to cook in, we offer these cleaned..

Scallops not included!

Everyone raved about how fresh the scallops were

The scallops were an absolute delight, quickly cooked with lime, coriander and chilli as a starter for a friends 40th
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and everyone raved about how fresh they were.

Jackie, Redhill

Scallops were beautiful

Excellent produce. The lobster was very sweet and tender, it made a perfect lobster Thermidor. The scallops were also beautiful,
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served with apple and pistachio purée and pistachio oil mmmmmm!

John, Sheffield

The scallops and lobster were excellent!

The scallops and lobster were excellent, the dinner party was a great success which was contributed to by the freshness
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and taste of the fish. I will certainly be ordering again, I sent my friends who came for dinner a link to your website.

Denise, Keston

Scallops were beautifully nutty and sweet

Yes, absolutely delighted. The scallops were beautifully nutty and sweet and the turbot I served with a beurre blanc sauce
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was sublime. We are looking forward to the gorgeous looking plaice too. Thank you - great service and delicious, fresh fish. Will be back soon!

Louisa, London

Absolutely THE best scallops!

Absolutely THE best scallops I have ever tasted in my life! The lobster bisque was sublime. I shall never buy
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fish or shellfish from anyone else. Lovely. Brilliant service. Thank heavens I found you.

Mark, Shefford

I'll certainly use you again when I need 'proper' seafood

The lobster and scallops made a fantastic Valentine's dinner. I'd recommend you to my friends, and I'll certainly use you
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again when I need 'proper' seafood.

Ian, London

Delicious Scallops

Just to let you know, the order arrived on time and in perfect condition. Looking forward to enjoying cooking and
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eating same. Actually my son gave me your details after we had an evening enjoying you delicious Scallops Thanks once again for your superb service.

Marie, Maldon

Your scallops are to die for!

I have ordered fish from you a couple of times and I am delighted with every thing i have had,
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your scallops are to die for, i would recommend you to anybody.


Superb scallops

Thank you very much for the superb scallops and your great service, I will be back.

Colin, Dorking

Scallops were delicious

Our delivery arrived on Friday morning as requested and in perfect condition. Both scallops and lobster were delicious. I think
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that as a result you will have gained new customers: we will certainly be back for more. It remains only for me to say Thank You.

Richard, Didcot

I've never tasted such sweet scallops

I don't think I've ever tasted such sweet scallops all my dinner guests loved them and the crab made the
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best little canapés ever thank you for your great produce and service

Carol, Wolverhampton

The scallops were great!

We had the Scallops on Saturday (they were great!) and the Bream on Sunday which was delicious, juicy and very
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Scallops were excellent

Sorry no earlier response to your email but the order (our first) arrived in splendid time on Friday for
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a our combined Valentine's dinner with friends yesterday. The lobsters and scallops were excellent. We have a good supply of Lobster stock ready for a bisque sometime and are totally sold on your service. Splendid and many thanks.

David, Peterborough

Scallops very fresh and top quality

Everything was fine : the delivery on time and as advertised, the smoked salmon excellent, the scallops very fresh and
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top quality. Thanks: I was able to organize an excellent party with your very valuable help.

Michael, France

The scallops were excellent

The scallops were excellent with the exception of one very small one. We are having the crab and the Megrim
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sole tomorrow. You will be getting further orders from me.

David, Ferndown

Scallops are excellent

I have used you for scallops, lobsters and crabs all of which were excellent. Delivery also great. I would not
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hesitate to recommend you to my friends, in fact I already have!

Most luscious scallops ever

Thrilled with everything - the most luscious scallops ever (brilliantly cooked by my husband so that they hardly felt the
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heat) and the lobsters were so thoroughly demolished by my 90 year old mother in law, her twin sister and the twin's 93 year old husband that you could almost see through the shells.

Lavinia, London

Scallops the best our guests had tasted!

The smoked trout was also superb and the smoked salmon was as good as you told me it would
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be. The scallops were the best our guests had tasted, and of course the lovely brown shrimp, which we potted, spoke for themselves. The rest of the family liked the lobster chowder but I fell totally in love with it; big thank you again to you for sending us it and your chefs for their brilliance.

Felicity, Watford