Buy Fresh Cornish Sardines online. Frozen sardines also available

"Fresh Seafood from Cornwall,
delivered to your door!"

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COOKING TIP: We recommend taking whole fish, scaled and gutted, add some olive oil, herbs and seasoning and cook under the grill or on the BBQ. However you cook them make sure you crisp up the skin as it is delicious.
HEALTH FACT: Sardines are in the top 3 species as a source of Omega 3 containing 2,660 mg per 100 g of fillet!


Includes a glaze to keep the fish separated for easy portions out of the freezer, but very convenient and reasonably priced.

Supplied in Kg bags.

Sardines look amazing!

My order arrived and was beautifully fresh. We are looking forward to a seafood extravaganza! Sardines look amazing! Thanks We'll
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be back for more soon

Sally, Powys

Sardines delicious!

Our delivery arrived yesterday as promised and in perfect condition. We barbecued the sardines last night (delicious!) and will be
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having the smoked mackerel as a starter tonight.

Blair, Harlow