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COOKING TIP: We recommend taking salmon fillet and using it as the main ingredient in a stir fry. In a deep pan or wok fry off some onions, peppers, mushrooms, garlic and chilli. Grill the salmon with a little olive oil and some seasoning and pre-cook the noodles. Add the cooked noodles and salmon just before serving for 2-3 minutes.
HEALTH FACT: Atlantic salmon is a superior source of Omega 3 delivering 2,380 mg per 100 g of fillet! It is also rich in Vitamin A & D and minerals including calcium.


When sourcing our salmon we have cast our net wide. We work closely with Shetlands Finest and they provide some of the finest salmon in the world. The conditions there are perfect for producing lean and fit fish and they stay in peak condition thanks to the strong, fast tidal flow of the local waters encouraging the fish to swim constantly. This gives a lovely firm flesh. The currents also maintain the cleanliness of the seabed and allow the salmon to grow both pure and natural without the aid of antibiotics, chemicals or growth hormones.

We offer beautiful large fillets, hand-cut from 3-4 kg whole fish, giving a lovely thick portion size.

Each fillet usually weighs approximately 1 kg. Each fillet will provide starters for 10-12 people and a main course for 5-6.

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smoked salmon


The finest Scottish salmon, selected for the best quality not price, dry cured with a 20 hour oak smoke process in the traditional way.

Trimmed then sliced, interleaved and vac packed. 200g per pack

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Shetland Salmon & Bois Boudran Sauce

This dish combines finest Shetland Salmon, with one of my favourite dressings. Bois Boudran is a tomato and tarragon dressing with a slight chilli kick and can be added cold or warmed through.

The fish and the sauce will arrive fresh with a shelf-life of 5 days, and they both freeze well.

The fish and the sauce will arrive fresh with a shelf-life of 5 days, and they both freeze well.

Salmon, hake and haddock probably the freshest we have had

We had salmon, hake and haddock which arrived speedily at the time you promised. The container was excellent and although
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I was nervous of getting fish online, I have to say it is the best thing we have done. We love fish and it is probably the freshest we have had for absolutely ages and is a pleasure to eat.

Alison, Bury

Salmon is absolutely fantastic

Yes, my order was received perfectly fine and the salmon is absolutely fantastic - I hope it is all as
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Alison, Reading

Salmon was beautiful

As usual everything arrived on time and in perfect condition. The salmon was beautiful. I have portioned up the remaining,
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'vac packed' (small domestic machine) and popped in the freezer. That should keep my son & me in fish for a week or two. Am about half way through the mussels, very sweet and tender. So far only one 'suspect' for the bin. Tuna steak went straight into the freezer, probably only for about a week until he has eaten most of the salmon! May I congratulate you, and your team, on the quality of your produce and the fantastic service that you give.

Mick, Colchester

Salmon very good

The salmon I ordered was very good. It was a pleasant surprise to receive the free fish mix. Its quality
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was super. I always concern about the quality of free bits.

Maria, Milton Keynes