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COOKING TIP: Basically anything you can do with Cod you can do with Pollack. The flesh is not quite as bright as cod, but in terms of both taste and texture they are very similar. I always use Pollack when making "proper fish fingers" for the family and fish and chips!
HEALTH FACT: There is approximately twice as much Omega 3 in Pollack as there is in Cod with 757 mg per 100g of fish


This beautiful green-bronze colouring makes this fish stunning and it rightly continues to grow in popularity. It is a great alternative to cod and can be used in the same way. Large quantities are landed around Cornwall and fresh fillets from large Pollack are delicious. It is also a very sustainable fish and recommended as a species we should be eating more of.

These large fillets range from 300 to 800g each fillet and are offered as a fillet weight. The fillets will be scaled and pin boned.

If you ask us to skin and pin the fillet it will reduce the weight by about 5-10 %.

Approx. 4-5 portions per kilo

Pollack was so amazingly fresh

Must add that though all your fish is great, the pollack was just so amazingly fresh I could have eaten
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it as ceviche... it was, however earmarked for a different dish, still, maybe another time.

Roz, Braintree

Pollack was delicious

Received the order and everything looked splendid.the pollack was delicious last night and the smoked salmon particularly delicious .

Alison, Bury St Edmunds

The Pollock was superb!

We had the first of the Pollock (Not Pouting) dipped in a whisked egg then rolled in large oats porridge
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mixture with added chopped parsley, red chilli and orange zest and it was superb. The mussels were just cooked in one bottle of Pear Cider with good handful of chopped parsley and chopped onions added.

Roy, Peterborough

Pollack was delicious

Order received all in good fashion. Thank you for the very generous gifts within it. We ate the pollack last
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night and it was delicious. We will certainly be ordering from you again.

Peter, Bingley