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Fresh Cornish Mussels
COOKING TIP: We want to show you how easy and quick it is to cook simple mussel dishes. You will need to debeard the mussels, although there is not much beard to remove from rope grown ones. Place them in some water and remove the strands that the mussel uses to attach itself to the rope - just pull it and twist it then discard. When cooking mussels and other bivalves, you need to ensure you are cooking them from live. Discard any that are damaged or which do not close when tapped gently. Also any that do not open during cooking.

We love the classic Moules Mariniere with onions, garlic, white wine, coriander and cream. Having said that they work well with a Thai flavour and with a Mediterranean base.
HEALTH FACT: Mussels are very low in cholesterol and are an excellent source of Omega 3 with 956 miligrams per 100 g of mussel meat. They are high in Zinc and vitamin D and very low in fat.

Fresh Rope Grown Cornish Mussels

Rope grown Cornish mussels are simply fantastic. We source ours through Fowey Sea Farms who developed the first open water farm in St Austell Bay on the south coast of Cornwall. They grow quickly in the rich waters and this gives a lovely plump, succulent sweet meat that is delicious.

The mussels are harvested and then purified in tanks with ultra-violet filters to ensure they are perfect. It may seem a little daunting but actually cooking mussels is really straightforward and we have some great recipes for you to try.


Mussel Meat


Ready cooked and individually frozen, thought by some to be the best of the mussel family. Imported from New Zealand these are ready cooked in the 1/2 shell, ready to eat or add to your recipe.

Supplied in Kg boxes.

Buy Mussels


Ready cooked and individually frozen, just use what you want out of the bag and keep the rest in the freezer.

Frozen 1lb bag (454g)

Mussels outstanding!

As usual the quality was unsurpassed with the mussels simply outstanding. You can also tell whoever was responsible for cooking
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the Lobster, he or she got it spot on. Rest assured, I hope to continue buying your fish for as long as possible

William, Alford

It had travelled so well that none of the ice had even melted

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with my first order. It arrived on Saturday morning
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and upon opening I found that it had travelled so well that none of the ice had even melted. The fish was fantastic and I was pleased to find that almost all of the mussels were still alive when I cooked them for lunch.

Owen, Bromley

The best mussels!

No complaints from us , with our guests we enjoyed the best mussels. We recommend you to everyone.

Deirdre, Burlesdon

Mussels soooo good!

Mussels and lobster were soooooo good, thank you!

Barbara, Evesham

Mussels were delicious

Delivery early yesterday and contents delightful. we had Mussels for Supper last night and they were delicious. Lobster tonight with
      >> Read More
a salad and some good wine.Cockles stowed in freezer!!! Many thanks for wonderful fish.

John, Keighley

Your mussels are great - fat and tasty!

Everything arrived in perfect order. All the fish and seafood are beautifully fresh. We've just had the mussels so far
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as I can freeze the rest, your mussels are great - fat and tasty. Will be happy to recommend you to anyone.

Rosemar, Knutsford

Now found the perfect mussels!

We placed our first order from Fish for Thought, primarily as an attempt to find the perfect mussel, until now,
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that quest has always disappointed. The parcel arrived at 11:00 yesterday with ice intact. I had the dressed crab with a salad for lunch, it was superb. We had the mussels for dinner - thoroughly approved by my husband, which is no mean feat. We look forward to trying the frozen queenie scallops soon and to deciding what our next order from fish for Thought will be.

Jill, Lymington

Mussels tasted lovely

Just received my first order, a live lobster, a kg of mussels and four half shell scallops, all arrived in
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perfect condition and tasted lovely. Looking forward to placing my next order.

Darren, Woking

Mussels just fabulous!

Ordered received thankyou. All the contents look most excellent. We had the mussels last night cooked in Pear Cider, onions
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and parsley. Just fabulous. Tomorrow we are trying the wonderful looking Pouting. Great quality again. Thanks again and look forward to next order

Roy, Peterborough

The best mussels we have ever had

Just a quick e mail following the delivery of our order yesterday. We had the mussels for our evening meal
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last night and wow!!!! the most amazing flavour and texture - only 1 damaged shell and the rest all perfect - the best mussels we have ever had, even better than Rick and Nathan!!- thanks.

Alan, Luton

Delighted with the Mussels

We are totally delighted with everything especially the surprise gift of mussels. We had them for lunch today and they
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were delicious - thank you. We can't wait to sample the rest. It looks so good. We shall definitely be ordering again from you when we need to restock the freezer. I shall also be passing on your details to my fish eating friends.

Christine, Gilston

Impressed with Mussels

Delighted with fish - it was a gift from my cousin We had the hake the other night - really
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tasty really good flavour Had the mussels the following night as a starter - very impressed needed very little cleaning and all in good edible condition. There are usually some that won't close before cooking or don't open after and you have to chuck them - but yours were 100%.

Jane, Milton Keynes

By 11.30am I was eating fantastic mussels!

Delivery arrived by 9.30 am and all looking very fresh,also included was 1kg mussels which you kindly supplied free of
      >> Read More
charge. Although i like shellfish i had never tried cooking mussels, so out came the wok into which i put diced onions,carrots,garlic,butter,splash of oil and 1/4 cup of water,brought this to the boil and after washing and de- bearding the mussels added them to the pot, put the lid on and turned up the heat,after about 7 mins the mussels were open and cooked to perfection. By 11.30 i was eating fantastic mussels. THANK YOU.

Mussels were superb!

Delivery arrived nice and early on Saturday which was great as it meant didn't have to stay in...cooked some of
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the mussels on saturday...everything is superb. Will definitely be using you again and recommending you to other people.

Gail, Ruislip