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COOKING TIP: We recommend taking the lobster cooked, split and cleaned - let us do the hard work. All you need to do is crack the claws and remove the meat from them. The meat from the tail is easily removed too. Cut all the meat into bite sized chunks and put it all back in the shell. Add a squeeze of lemon juice, some chunks of butter and season generously with pepper. Finally warm this under the grill until the butter has melted. Serve immediately with a salad, some crusty bread and a large glass of Sauvignon blanc - heavenly!

Please note: The Lobster weight listed is 'live' weight. All Lobsters lose a small amount of weight once cooked. The general guideline would be:
10-15% loss for a Cooked Lobster
15-20% loss for a Cooked, Split and Cleaned Lobster.

What to expect when you purchase a Lobster:
Delicious White Meat - this can be found in the tail and claws of the Lobster
Tomalley - this is the soft green or red substance which is found in the body cavity of Lobsters that fulfills the function of both the liver and pancreas. It is perfectly safe to eat and is often considered a delicacy. It may be eaten alone or used in sauces for flavour and as a natural thickening agent.
HEALTH FACT: Lobster is an excellent source of Omega 3, providing 580 mg per 100 g of meat.


One of our specialities, Cornish lobster is recognised as the finest flavoured lobster in the world! That sounds like a bold statement but we firmly believe our lobsters are the sweetest and richest available.

We source our lobsters from small inshore day boats that fish the clear blue waters of the Cornish coast, working closely with skippers like Ian of the Three Jays in Newquay. We provide the boats with our filleting waste and they land direct to us.

Lobster Hatchery
This wonderful shellfish commands a high price, but it is well worth it. We can provide them live, cooked or cooked and prepared, depending on your preference.

0.4kg (0.9 lb) approx

0.8kg (1 3/4lb) approx

cooked lobster meat

Fresh Handpicked Cornish Lobster Meat

If you're making Ravioli's, Terrines or a simple Lobster meat salad we have done all the hard work. Cooked, picked and packed in 200g pack (part tail, part claw meat)

Keep it chilled and either use within a couple of days or freeze to eat later.

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Treat yourselves! - 2 x 700g each live weight Cornish Lobsters, cooked, split and cleaned ready to eat. Serves 4 as starters or 2 as a main meal.


live lobsters


Treat yourselves! - 4 x 600g each live weight Cornish Lobsters, cooked, split and cleaned ready to eat. Serves 4 as part of a main meal.


lobster shellfish box


Our speciality, recognised as the finest flavour lobsters you can buy, caught in the clear blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean off the Cornish coast. Still mostly caught by small inshore boats.

Either 2 x 1/2kg lobsters or 1 x 1kg lobster (dependant on availability), cooked split and cleaned, 6 cooked crevettes, 2 large dressed crabs and 1 lb peeled prawns.

buy lobster thermidor sauce


If you love our lobster, you will adore this sauce. It works brilliantly poured over our cooked, split and cleaned lobster, giving you a luxurious restaurant-standard dish to die for. It also works amazingly with any shellfish and fish as a special treat.

If you are not certain what to do you can follow our Fish for Thought TV Film on Youtube

The sauce arrives fresh with a shelf-life of 7 days and freezes well.

We recommend you have this for that special Lobster or Shellfish meal.

This hand-made fresh sauce comes in a 200ml pot, which is enough for 2 halves of Cornish Lobster.

Amazing lobsters

Thank you so much for our order. We were extremely happy with everything but especially the amazing lobsters! For a
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long time now we have struggled to find a decent sized lobster so we were a little sceptical when we found your website offering a choice of sizes. We will most definitely be ordering again!

Joanne, Solihull

Delicious, absolutely delicious

I did lobster Thermidor last night (almost a crime given the delicate flavour) as a surprise I got raves all
      >> Read More
round, delicious, absolutely delicious. The meat in the claws were sweet and juicy. We plan to have the free plaice on Tuesday, another thank you, the crab is earmarked for next Saturday, can't wait. So to summarise, fabulous produce excellent value and very efficient service. I will be back.

Jayne, Solihull

Thank you for my lovely lobster

Thank you for such attentive and effective customer service and for my lovely lobster, which arrived in beautiful condition, fresh
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and fragrant, and did justice to my canapes of saffron and samphire risotto in prosciutto.

Emily, Cheltenham

Fantastic lobster box!

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the fantastic lobster box that landed bang on time as promised
      >> Read More
for my Dad on Fathers Day. He was over the moon with it. Great customer service, reliable delivery and fantastic fish as always.

Nicky, Manchester

The best lobsters we have ever eaten

I would like to thank you and your team for the most delicious lobsters that you supplied us. My family
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and I are all agreed that they were the best lobsters we have ever eaten, and we would like you to know what a wonderful evening you gave us.

Robert, Tunbridge Wells

Lobsters were fantastic

The lobsters were fantastic very pleased with how they arrived and how they turned out extremely pleased with the service
      >> Read More
that you have provided

Davy, Camberley

All I could smell was the smell of the sea

I ordered live lobsters from you, when they arrived and I opened the box all I could smell was the
      >> Read More
smell of the sea,and then when I cooked them the smells just got better and better, and as for the taste you could not fault them. Years ago I caught lobsters on the North Devon coast on holiday with my parents, and your lobsters just brought all the wonderful memories back; thank goodness I found you as the next order will be Turbot and we will be using you very regularly.

Michael, Bedford

The best fresh live lobster!

I have had the best fresh live lobster from Fish for Thought it arrived promptly in good condition and grilled
      >> Read More
up excellently. I thoroughly recommend this service.

Anna, Wrecsam

Lobsters alive and thoroughly enjoyed!

Hi just wanted to say that the lobsters arrived in good time and all four were still alive and good
      >> Read More
to go, me had a lobster night at a friends house last night and we all thoroughly enjoyed them. Thanks for the great service and I'm sure I'll be using yourselves again in the future.

Andrew, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Fabulous lobsters again

Hi fabulous lobsters again! It's great to get such good quality delivered to the door in perfect condition when we
      >> Read More
live so far from the sea! Delighted to get the lobsters despite such awful weather! Julie Hardy

Julie, Belper

Beautifully fresh and wonderfully moist lobster

Paul - it was absolutely AMAZING !!.... Lobster Thermidor .... A first for ALL of us.... And what an absolute
      >> Read More
treat..... Beautifully fresh and wonderfully moist..... We couldn't be happier - you did us proud..... Thank you !!!

Alison, Hitchen

Thank you for a wonderful Lobster dinner

just to thank you for a wonderful Lobster dinner, which was consumed on Valentine`s night, whilst a storm blew outside!
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We are very grateful to the fishermen, who went out in the awful weather, to gather lobsters, for our indulgence! The added crevettes provided a delicious starter thank you.

Jane, Peterborough

Lobster was absolutely lovely

Lobster received early morning of 24th, well packed and still trying to escape! Simply boiled in salty water and eaten
      >> Read More
just warm with new potatoes, salad and dill mayonnaise - absolutely lovely.

Charlotte, Shaftesbury

One if the best lobsters I've ever had

The lobster was absolutely delicious, one if the best I've ever had!! Thank you.

Annette, Cornwall

The quality of both lobsters was perfect

I meant to drop you a line before Easter just to say how much we enjoyed the 2 lobsters and
      >> Read More
crab meat we ordered from you and managed to devour over one week-end!! The quality of both lobsters was perfect on this occasion and I shall certainly be ordering them again. Many thanks for our delicious meal!

Anne, London


All was perfect! Great packaging, on the spot delivery and WELL the lobsters - FANTASTIC! We rolled our sleeves up
      >> Read More
and got cracking - superb meal - though I think we should have worn bibs!

Cara, Chesterfield

The lobster was absolutely excellent

Thank you for the delivery, the lobster was absolutely excellent, we will definitely be coming back for more and also
      >> Read More
some fish and shellfish once we have some room in the freezer. Already passed your details on to my sister.

Kenneth, Hope Valley

The lobster was delicious and fresh!

We had our first delivery yesterday just to try you out!! Thought you would like to know that the lobster
      >> Read More
was delicious and fresh , delivered promptly at breakfast time and consumed for dinner. We are thrilled to have found you and will definitely be using you again. Thank you and well done.

Christopher, Newport

This lobster was superb!

I have to say that this lobster was superb. We have a brother-in-law who's a cooking enthusiast who happened to
      >> Read More
be passing with his wife so we let him do the honours and it was incredible. Lobster Thermidor (my fav way of eating lobster) was just fantastic. All 4 of us had plenty with a taster for the kids too (well you didn't really expect us to share did you :0) ) Will definitely use you again and have already recommended you to friends.

Stuart, Stockbridge

Sadly, Lobsters now just a memory.

Fantastic lobsters. Delivered perfect as promised. Sadly, now just a memory.

Phillip, Lutterworth

Spectacular lobster brunch

We had a rather decadent lobster brunch - spectacular! My wife is Australian so I was worried I had oversold
      >> Read More
- but none of it 'better than Doyle's of Watsons bay' - the flesh had such a perfect texture it's plump meat echoing sweetness and minerality all at once - sublime.

Matthew, London

Lobster was delicious

Order arrived, lobster was delicious. The bisque was rich in flavour, a joy to eat. Monkfish look excellent, looking forward
      >> Read More
to roasting them, wrapped in pancetta ham.

John, Bishopton

Lobsters always best quality!

We have ordered lobster from you a couple times already among other fish, always best quality. We are Spanish and
      >> Read More
we found really hard to find good fish in this country but yours never disappointed us.


Lobster delicious & extravagant

As usual, the fish I ordered was in perfect condition & is now in portions in my freezer -
      >> Read More
apart from the lobster, which we ate gently warmed in laver bread butter, & served in homemade bread rolls. A delicious & extravagant sarnie!

Karen, Nottingham

Your lobsters were the nicest meal I have ever had

I've never really treated myself to lobster before. Well not a proper one. So we went to a lot of
      >> Read More
trouble with the Thermidor. And the chips! I think it was the nicest meal I have ever had. We'll definitely be back.

Mark, Wellingborough

Lobster was best ever!

Lobster was best ever - lovely and tender- made a delicious Thermidor. Great service and quality as always. Already have,
      >> Read More
and will continue to, recommend you.

Cathy, Brough

As always - perfect!

Just to say thank you for my lovely lobsters and fish - as always perfect. I cannot fault you at
      >> Read More
all and you give a 100% service

Cyndy, Beckenham

The lobster was absolutely delicious

Everything so far is excellent and I am very impressed with the whole ordering/delivery process. The lobster was absolutely
      >> Read More
delicious. I ordered it so I could do a surprise meal for my husband's birthday - he enjoyed it immensely. I made a garlic butter with smokey garlic and popped under the grill - perfect.

Janet, Hertford

Lobsters were alive, healthy and delicious!

All arrived perfectly thanks. Lobsters were alive and healthy, went in pot today and were delicious. A treasured annual treat!

Alan, Elland

Lobsters were delicious!

Thank you very much for my Lobsters, they were part of a Birthday gift to my husband and he was
      >> Read More
surprised and delighted, also thank you for the free gift. I added butter and flash them under the grill and they were delicious and all I had hoped for.

Beverley, Warwickshire

Lobster was fantastic!

The lobster and lobster bisque were fantastic! I followed the recipe on your website for 'lobster 2 ways' and it
      >> Read More
was spot on. We shall definitely be ordering from you again soon.

Ian, Northampton

Lobsters ... INCREDIBLE!

Your lobsters were INCREDIBLE, Thanks so much . We are eating the sole tonight! Great service !

Kim, Malmesbury

Delicious and plenty of meat

Thank you for the lobsters which arrived promptly on Saturday plenty of time for lobster spaghetti supper. Delicious and
      >> Read More
plenty of meat ( 2 x 1kg was plenty to feed 8 of us generously as a pasta course).

Maria, London

The lobster was amazing

The lobster was amazing - never had one so plump and sweet before. Will definitely be in touch again in
      >> Read More
the near future!

Yvonne, Mold

Best Lobster since Sydney

Wonderful site, ordered a lobster last time. Best I had eaten since Doyles in Sydney. Thank you.

Incredible tasting lobster!

My Valentine meal went down an absolute treat. My wife says that the lobster Bisque was the best soup she
      >> Read More
has ever had. I agree! That was followed up by the BBQ lobster cooked to your recipe. Incredible taste. Who says you can't have a BBQ in Feb. Roll on summer!

Kirk, Cheshire

Our lobsters were the best ever!

Hi there, I just wanted to say that our lobsters were the best ever, anywhere in the world .... and
      >> Read More
I've been eating lobsters for at least 50 years.

Peter, Winchester

Lobster was exceptional

Our Lobster order was delivered promptly on Saturday morning. The quality of the lobster was exceptional and made for a
      >> Read More
very enjoyable Valentines evening Meal

Donald, Portsmouth

The freshest and best-tasting lobster I have eaten.

There was a chorus of approval and enjoyment, including jumping on the claws wrapped in tea towels as we had
      >> Read More
not brought any tools. I thought this was the freshest and best-tasting lobster I have eaten.

Brendan, Stoke Abbott

Lobsters were total bliss!

The lobsters were beautiful to look at and to eat, what a treat for father's day meal. I used the
      >> Read More
following recipe but left the lobsters as they came ready to eat and did not need to reheat them, total bliss.

I have never tasted such delicious lobster

I am fast becoming a regular customer because I have never tasted such delicious lobster. Looking forward to my next
      >> Read More
delivery !