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fresh john dory
COOKING TIP: We recommend you take the John Dory fillets and cook with butter under the grill - simply delicious!


Also known as St Peter's fish. Myth has it that the distinctive black spot is Peter's thumb print where he picked up the fish. Best cooked filleted as the whole fish is quite bony. Let us do the filleting for you as it is a difficult fish to fillet. Do be aware though that the yield on the Dory is very low and delicious though it is this does make it expensive!

A whole fish usually weighs around 1Kg.

It can be cooked as a whole fish but we recommend using fillets as it is quite bony.

If you ask us to send whole (using the menu below) there will be no weight loss.

One fish will be enough as a starter for 8 and a main course for 4.

>> click here for fillets

Not big enough? When available we do land larger fish and if you would like us to go to market to source one for you please call us on 01208 262202 or email

John Dory was fabulous

Thank you. Yes absolutely delighted - the John Dory was fabulous.

Deborah, Oxted