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Soleful Basket of Fragrant Prawns served with asparagus spears and chargrilled aubergine

Fragrant Prawns Recipe
This recipe uses some very fine lemon sole landed at Looe harbour (hence "soleful"), to form a little basket into which we pile high some plump and juicy prawns. But first the prawns are infused with fresh herbs and spices, including some shredded ramsons (wild garlic)
Once you've tasted Ramsons (Wild Garlic) you're smitten. It likes alkaline soils in the shade cast by trees or in hedgerows. When the conditions are favourable, it tends to grow in profusion. The leaves are broad and spear-like, and the flowers are white, star-like in an umbel. It is, of course, part of the onion family and tastes divinely garlicy. And best of all it's free!!!
x Lemon Sole Fillet, (weight after filleting)
x A small piece of peeled root ginger - grated
x small bunch (5 small leaves) ramsons - shredded
x fresh red chilli cut in thin strips
x A handful of chopped coriander leaves
g butter
A twist of black pepper
1. Start by buttering some large metal rings and place on a greased baking sheet. Skin your sole fillets and roll one side in the chopped coriander, before using them to line the rings. Lightly grease one side of some pieces of foil and place on the fish turning up at the edges, just as if you were baking blind a pastry case.

2. Steam the fish for 10 minutes in a combi oven or alternatively bake in a preheated oven 165 °C for 8 minutes. During this time melt the butter in a skillet or wok and over a low heat, sweat of the grated ginger and chilli for 5 minutes. Turn up the heat and add the prawns and a twist off black pepper - heat through stirring frequently, after a few minutes add the rest of the coriander and most of the ramsons keeping a little back for garnish, and continue cooking for 1 minute.

3. Remove your fish from the steamer/oven and using a fish slice place each metal ring onto a serving plate, gently remove the foil and then carefully run a knife around the edge and take away the metal ring. Now fill with the fragrant prawns and top with a pinch of shredded ramsons and serve.

4. To accompany this we chargrilled some aubergine slices and steamed off a few spears of asparagus, but I think purple sprouting and Lyonnaise potatoes would also work very well.As most domestic kitchens do not have a chargrill a lightly oiled ridged frying pan does a very good job.

Please note - The fish baskets can be a little fiddly, so if you intend to serve this to a large amount of people or during a very busy service I would suggest putting the fish into an oversized ramekin or earthenware dish, then cook and serve still in the dish.