The Seafood Team

"Fresh Seafood from Cornwall,
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We are very fortunate to have an experienced and dedicated team who can advise, source and prepare all fish and seafood to meet your needs.

I would like to introduce you to them:

Paul Trudgian

- that's me and I am proud to be the owner of Fish for Thought. I used to make chips and crisps for big multi-nationals, and now feel fortunate to have moved on to fish! Perhaps one day I can combine my skills and become the next Ian Beale of Cornwall! I like to think that I do some of the clever stuff like strategy and finance, but who am I kidding, I mainly do as I am told or what I am allowed to do!

Paul Trudgian with Hairy Bikers
Paul's the one in the middle that is neither Hairy nor a Biker!

Best Fish Related Skill - A lead judge on Young Fishmonger of The Year - what more can I say!

Favourite Fish: Gurnard or Wild Black Bream.

Richard Arnold

- our first team member, moved down from London to commit himself to Fish for Thought. Having joined as a Sales Rep, Richard has developed into our General Manager! He runs the business day to day and does a fantastic job! For a man his ability to multitask is unusual in the extreme. He starts his days crazy early pulling together all the orders for the business, and then communicates with all of our buyers at the various markets. He himself buys online from Plymouth Market. Paul sometimes helps with this but Richard fears a catastrophic buying mistake which has been known to happen and prefers to keep control of the mouse himself for this.

After that his day job begins, dealing directly with all of our favourite chefs both locally, in London and around the UK.

He also loves Twitter!


Best Fish Skill - self-taught legendary fishmonger!

Favourite Fish: John Dory

Jan Green

- Office Manager Extraordinaire! Jan used to manage an Ice Cream business, but when we found her, (actually she found us!) she was running an office in a Clay business. Cornish seafood and the thought of working with the Fish for Thought Team proved too much. Jan keeps us organised and makes sure we do what we should do when we should be doing it! She also does her best to stop Paul from spending all the money on the wrong stuff at the wrong time.


Best Fish Skill - Jan is great with our customers and also keeps us in check

Favourite Seafood: Luxurious lobster

Rob Gwilliams

- Operations Support Manager! I know it sounds quite grand and actually it is. Rob joined as a committed meat and 2 veg ex-estate agent! He started life at Fish for Thought delivering to local customers and was promoted to Operations Manager. Basically his new role is all the bits he liked about being an Operations Manager, minus the bits that used to make him quite cross, plus some extra bits to fill in the gaps. He starts his day buying for us on Looe Market, then switches into a sales role, before completing his day supporting the Operations team.


Best Fish Skill - Rob is our diligent buyer at Looe. He also likes to call in and pretend to be one of our customers much to Richard's annoyance.

Favourite Seafood: Fish and chips - he's a simple Welsh boyo.

Lucy Trudgian

Lucy is Paul's wife and is left the onerous task of backing up office staff when on holiday. She is also in charge of contacting customers to gauge how happy you all are with our service.


The Real Hard Workers


Sam - FFT's lobster-wrangler supreme, Sam has been with us for two years now. He claims that he likes it in the boiler room because it's interesting work - we all know that it's really because it's the only warm place in the unit!


Dexter - Dexter came to us as a fresh -faced youngster straight out of college, keen to glean some seafood knowledge and become a master-filleter! His devotion to his sensei, Russell, is legendary.