Is the packaging recyclable?

1) Our ingeniously designed cardboard delivery box, is produced using recycled material and is recyclable either by kerbside collection, or at local authority waste depots.

2) The natural wool fleece insulation which kept your delivery cool is totally compostable and biodegradable, releasing valuable nitrates back into the soil.

3) Increasingly, many local authorities are collecting plastic tubs, eg. any crab and sauce pots contained in your order, from the kerbside, as well as recycling them at their waste depots.

4) The MDPE plastic film used to enclose the fleece, and the LDPE plastic envelopes used for vacuum packing and sauce pouches, are generally recyclable at local authority waste depots. Alternatively, in recent years the major supermarkets have made a concerted effort to try and aid the recycling process in areas where kerbside collections fall short of providing a film collection, offering around 4,500 FOSR points (Front of Store Recycling) at their entrances. Whilst their seafood offering can be a little underwhelming, top marks certainly go to them for eco-effort! A visit to will tell you where your nearest FOSR points are.

5) The gel in the chill-packs is food-safe and non-toxic and can be emptied down the sink by snipping off the corners of the packs. The outer can be discarded or recycled at local authority waste depots.

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