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COOKING TIP: Brill and turbot are very similar and should both be cooked simply to allow the gorgeous fish to do the talking on the plate. You can cook it whole, filleted or in tranches depending on your preference. We recommend pan frying the fillets with capers and butter!


Brill is so good that we think reputation as a poor man's Turbot is a bit unfair! Brill is possibly a little less sweet tasting, but it has a very similar firm texture, and is a superb fish in its own right. It is also still better value. Treat it exactly as you would Turbot and the result will be in our opinion just as stunning!

A whole fish usually weighs around 1500g. It can be cooked as a whole fish or filleted, and works well both ways. If you take it as a whole fish make sure you have cooking equipment large enough to take the fish in that way!

If you ask us to send whole (using the menu below) there will be no weight loss.

If you ask us to Trim and Cut into Tranches (using the menu below) you will receive approximately 750g finished weight.

One fish will be enough as a starter for 6 and a main course for 3.

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Not big enough? When available we do land larger fish and if you would like us to go to market to source one for you please call us on 01208 262202 or email paul@fishforthought.co.uk

Brill was lush

Thank you vv much you sent us a huge brill and it was lush. Im sure it was way over
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1.5k and you didn't charge me any more. I'm a massive fan of your website and the whole FFT karma

Johnny, Pewsey

The Brill was the best fish they had tasted

Received our first order today - what superb fish - the haddock fillet was to die for, the Brill was
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fabulous had it for supper tonight my 86 year old father and mother were in heaven they said it was the best fish they had tasted so fresh just smelt of the sea well done will recomend to all our friends

Ivor, Oxfordshire

The brill was excellent

The fish arrived on time and all looked beautifully fresh. We ate Brill last night which was excellent

David, Woodbridge

The Brill was outstanding

the order arrived on time and I have to say, I am extremely impressed with your service, the packaging and,
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most of all, with the fish! Everything looks and feels beautifully fresh. We had the Brill for dinner last night - all 1.9kg of it - and it was outstanding, utterly delicious down to the very last morsel. I am sure, the rest of the order will be just as good.

Sabine, Whitchurch