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Cornish Summer Shellfish Feast

Shellfish Feast Recipe
This is an incredible dish visually and to eat.
The great thing is that it takes next to no time to produce this and we do the hard and messy work.
x Lobster, (cooked, split and cleaned)
x Large Crevettes, (cooked)
x Shell on Prawns, (cooked)
x Spider Crab, (cooked)
Green salad (recommend you include a variety including rocket, watercress and baby spinach
Sweet Chill Dip
Lemon wedges
You will also need shellfish crackers and crab/lobster picks which are available in our online shop now
1. Roughly chop up the green salad components and lay out either on a large tray of serving plate.

2. Take the lobster and remove the tail meat. Crack the claws and remove the claw meat. Cut the meat up into small bite-sized chunks, season with pepper and place it back in the shell. Make this the centrepiece.

3. Remove the spider crab claws and place to one side of the platter.

4. Place the crevettes and crabclaws evenly around the edge of the plate.

5. Spread the cooked shell-on prawns filling the gaps with lemon wedges.

6. Serve with sweet chilli dip and mayonnaise.