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These delicious shellfish are great on their own, cooked like mussels, or work well as an addition to other dishes. We will deliver them live.

For a main course 300-500g should be plenty

The clams were gorgeous!

Just a quick word to let you know that we are extremely delighted with the seafood order. As a matter
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of fact we ate the clams yesterday evening and they were gorgeous !! I come from Brittany in France and am used to eating this sort of food. So it is nice to know we can order it in the comfort of our home.

Marlene, Desborough

Clams were excellent

Everything arrived on time. The clams were excellent - everyone was live, and I ate most of last night, with
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linguine and a nice sauce. I shall be ordering more from you in the near future.

Glyn, Chorley

Clams were delicious

The service was exceptional and the fish was fabulous! We used the clams to make spaghetti and grilled the lobster
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over the BBQ. Everything was delicious! We are looking forward to trying the mac & cheese tonight and also the plaice you kindly included for free. We will definitely order again soon.

Federica, Dunmow

Clams are superb

This was BRILLIANT!!! Your lobster bisque is a triumph. Clams are superb ... Lobsters perfectly prepared and excellent quality. Plaice
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Thomas, Durham