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grey mullet
COOKING TIP: If you take the fish whole we recommend wrapping it in foil with pepper, tomatoes, onion, mushroom and a glug of white wine and lemon and cooking in the oven. If you prefer fillets we recommend pan frying the fillets with butter, capers and peeled brown shrimp.
HEALTH FACT: Silver Mullet is a great source of dietary iodine - great for the brain. In fact we think it is a no brainer!


We think it deserves the more attractive name we have bestowed on it as grey mullet sounds so dowdy and unappealing. It is massively underappreciated in this country, and has a reputation for having an overwhelming earthy flavour to it. We land deep-sea caught large fish and they are almost as good as wild seabass, at about half the price. If you don't believe us then give them a try. They are very versatile and can be treated in the same way as wild seabass or bream - they have a tender but robust and lightly oily flesh and no earthy flavours at all.

A whole fish usually weighs around 1000g.

If you ask us to scale and gut the fish for you (using the menu below) then the weight of the fish will reduce to around 700g.

If you would like us to canoe your fish (using the menu below) then select that option - this is where we will scale and gut your fish and remove the main bones, leaving a boneless whole fish. The delivered weight will reduce to approximately 600 g.

One fish will be enough as a starter for 4 and a main course for 2.

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Two beautiful mullet

Thanks for two beautiful grey/silver mullet. Four really Meaty fillets and great soup Fromm the remains

Andrew, London

red mullet was probably the best we've ever had

The fish was beautiful.The red mullet was probably the best we've ever had. I baked it gently in the oven
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with some butter,lemon and fennel plus some home-made mayo and it was very good. We also had a taster of the scallops; deliciously sweet and tender. The rest of the order, scallops and crab claws, are in the freezer towards Christmas entertaining.

Jean, Hampton

Very much enjoyed the mullet

All arrived as expected and we very much enjoyed both the crabmeat and mullet! We'll be back!

Simon, Wallingford

The red mullet, grey mullet and sea bream were faultless and beautifully prepared

I was very pleased with the fish - the larger sizes that I asked for came in at more than
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I anticipated but it was money well spent - the sizes were larger .... As for the red mullet, grey mullet and sea bream - they were faultless and beautifully prepared.

Emma, London

The red mullet was delicious!

I am delighted with it. Barbecued the red mullet lest night which was delicious. Looking forward to trying the rest
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over the next few days. I am genuinely impressed with the quality of the order plus the service I've received. So thank you and well done.

Simon, Woodford Green