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Make no mistake this is no ordinary bisque. Our chefs will prepare each small batch by hand here at Fish for Thought in our brand new Seafood Kitchen! All of the fresh ingredients have been meticulously sourced locally and we are using lobster from boats that land directly to us - Three Jays, skippered by Ian out of Newquay and Helen Clare, skippered by Julian out of Port Isaac.

Each pot contains 2 portions. Please note this is a fresh chilled product that should be stored in the fridge and eaten within 4 days of delivery.

Your lobster bisque was the very best we have ever tasted

Lobster Bisque is one of our favourites but yours was the very best we have ever tasted. Congratulations to the
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cooks and we hope they keep the same recipe because we hope to be back for more.

Roger, Exeter

Lobster bisque better than fantastic

Just to let you know the seafood arrived safely in great condition, and the lobster, mussels and scallops we’ve had
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so far have been fantastic, thank you. The lobster bisque was even better! Looking forward to the dressed crab and crevettes. Best regards, and thank you for the delicious service,

Rachael, Lancashire


As always and without fail, goods are superb, that bisque ... wow ...

Mark, Gravesend

Lobster Bisque was excellent

All perfect as usual. Lobster Bisque was excellent.

Charles, Marlborough

Lobster bisque was stunning

The lobster bisque was absolutely stunning. I shall be ordering more. Many thanks as always

James, Weybridge

The lobster bisque was heaven

Absolutely perfect. We've had a seafood extravaganza this weekend. The cockles, the crab ....... where do I start ... and
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the lobster bisque was heaven. Will be back soon.

Mark, Bedford

The lobster bisque was superb

Delighted as always with the order. The lobster bisque was superb, perfectly seasoned, smooth, just delicious. My compliments to the
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chefs. Your recipes are extremely useful, the creamy crab with linguine and scallions earned me brownie points, one I will definitely do again!

Lorraine, Church Stretton

Lobster Bisque was really delicious

Wanted to say that the Lobster Bisque was really delicious ... top draw idea with the kitchen ... what's on
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the menu next?

Scott, Horsham

The lobster bisque was outstanding

The lobster bisque was outstanding, a triumph to their hard work. My wife was over the moon with our Valentine's
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Day supper, keep up the good work.

Neil, Bromsgrove

Lobster bisque was delicious

Thank you every thing was beautiful, the lobster bisque was delicious.

Helen, Warwick

Lobster Bisque definitely top restaurant standard

Everything was fine with the order but I especially wanted to comment on the lobster bisque. We had it last
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night and it was exceptional - definitely top restaurant standard. Well done to all of those responsible. We shall certainly be ordering more of this in the future.

David, Woodbridge