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fresh haddock
COOKING TIP: Haddock has a sweet taste and soft texture and can be treated like cod or pollack. Haddock is also a fish that lends itself well to smoking - our undyed smoked haddock is terrific!
HEALTH FACT: Haddock is a good source of Omega 3 providing 280 mg per 100 g of fish.


Haddock is landed around the Cornish coast. They are a silvery grey colour with a black lateral line and a grey black splodge just behind the gills. This is said to be the thumbprint of St Peter! The Haddock fisheries are showing good signs of recovery, and the Cornish fishery is well managed.

These large fillets range from 200g to 400g each fillet and are offered as a fillet weight. The fillets will be scaled and pin boned.

If you ask us to skin and pin the fillet it will reduce the weight by about 5-10 %.

Approx 4 portions per kg

frozen haddock fillets


A very popular fish with firm, flaky texture and good flavour. Prepared and frozen on board the trawler to retain its fresh caught flavour.

smoked haddock


Oak smoked for us, no additives except a little salt. Sweet and succulent.

One fillet (app 330gms)

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Haddock last night was delicious

Very pleased with my order and in fact I had some of the haddock last night for dinner - delicious.
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Very well packed and fresh. Thank you.

Maureen, Lincolnshire

Haddock ... best flavour ever!

Thank you so much, the fish is delicious, and the 'Haddock', just grilled with a touch of sea salt and
      >> Read More
a knob of butter, is without a doubt, the best flavor ever !!

Beryl, Blackpool

Haddock quality was superb!

Just received our first order of frozen haddock - delivery was excellent and the quality was superb and we shall
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be reordering. Highly recommend

Bill, Huddersfield

Haddock was delicious

Thank you. I've already finished the haddock it was delicious! Looking forward to the rest of the order.Thank you for
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the fish cakes.

Cathy, Southport

The haddock is Yummy

Your product and service deserve just one word BRILLIANT and the fish especially the haddock is Yummy and this is
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from the cook in the family er indoors!!

The haddock is awesome!

Just re-ordered. The frozen at sea haddock I got last time is awesome - amazing quality! Really fresh tasting -
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gorgeous. Fresh fish ordered today - but more haddock next time!


Absolutely blown away!

I sent some feedback yesterday after eating my first piece of haddock but having now tried your crab and prawns,
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I'm in the position to comment on them too. In short - absolutely blown away! I will never, ever, ever buy dressed crab from the supermarket again and I have no doubt that I will be back for more of your prawns. Full marks for bringing the seaside to Derbyshire!

Michelle, Belper

Haddock was delicious

The haddock we had for lunch today was delicious and I have no doubt the rest will be when devoured
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in due course. Thanks for your service, your staff and the fishermen who brave the waters in all weathers and are regularly in our thoughts and prayers.

John, Thame