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Sea Bass
COOKING TIP: If you take the fish whole we recommend wrapping it in foil with fennel, red onion, white wine and lemon and cooking in the oven. If you prefer fillets we recommend pan frying the fillets with butter, capers and peeled brown shrimp. >
HEALTH FACT: Seabass is an excellent source of Omega 3 containing 700 mg per 100 g of fillet!


Farmed seabass is a more everyday equivalent to the wild seabass. Many restaurants use these smaller more cost effective fish on their menus. Whilst not the same as Wild Seabass they are still delicious and can be used in exactly the same way.

We work closely with a small number of responsible farms in both Greece and Turkey. This beautiful fish is delicious, with bright silver skin and firm white flesh. It is very versatile and works well whether cooked whole or as fillets.

A whole fish usually weighs around 500g.

If you ask us to scale and gut the fish for you (using the menu below) then the weight of the fish will reduce to around 330g. If you would like us to canoe your fish (using the menu below) then select that option - this is where we will scale and gut your fish and remove the main bones, leaving a boneless whole fish. The delivered weight will reduce to approximately 300 g.

One fish will be enough as a starter for 2 and a main course for 1.

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Sea Bass was fantastic

Thanks for the fast and efficient delivery, Sea Bass was fantastic and the Clams were all good size and everyone
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opened, once again delicious


Sea bass was lovely

We had the sea bass for dinner this evening and it was lovely. We’ll definitely be online again for more
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David, Bedford

Sensational Sea Bass!

Received all yesterday looks great! Had a sea bass pan fried for lunch today, WOW sensational! Beautifully prepared too, not
      >> Read More
a bone in sight.

Chris, Bristol

Superb Bass!

Just wanted to say thank you for the superb bass eaten on 24th in salt and indeed the cod (done
      >> Read More
Jamie's recipe adapted to Aga) both were absolutely delicious and devoured by some very happy people. When I move to UK next year I'll be ordering more often:))

Sea Bass was Great!

Yes, thank you. We have received our order, and are very pleased with it. Thank you, too, for the extras.
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We had some of the bass last night, and it was great. We have always been supporters of ethically, locally and sustainably produced food, and so we were pleased to learn about you from our son. We normally use Abel & Cole for fish, alongside other produce, but you have a wider range of products, so now that we have found you, we shall continue to order, although, as there are only the two of us, and we produce our own meat which we consume, it will not be with great regularity!

Sylvia, Padbury

First time been able to taste real bass

Many thanks for delivery of lovely fish.. First time been able to taste real bass, which I managed to cook
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successfully.. no pressure..! Some irony in the fact that we have to buy fish from Cornwall to get a quality seemingly unavailable outside trade suppliers here in Scotland

The wild sea bass was fantastic

Thanks so much for our order and the wild sea bass was fantastic. Very impressed with your service and quality
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and I'm sure I'll be ordering in the future.

Penny, Stroud

I particularly enjoyed the fresh bass

Just wanted to let you know that the order arrived in perfect condition. The lobster and scallops were great and
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I particularly enjoyed the bass, which was visibly fresh. I'll be shopping with you again!

Tom, Leek

The sea bass was delicious

Yes thank you, I received my order in good time and the sea bass was delicious. Thank you also for
      >> Read More
the plaice which looks very good

Phil, Reading