Why Sustainability Matters

There is no doubt that while sustainability in the fishing industry is a complex issue, it's one which we cannot, and must not, ignore. The British people and the fishing authorities are fully engaged in putting sustainability at the top of both the UK, and the wider European, political agenda, and it's something with which we at Fish for Thought agree wholeheartedly.

Put simply, it's vital that we preserve species in our waters, to ensure not only their own continued existence, but that of the entire food chain - the food chain that we sit at the top of as the global population continues to grow.

To keep enjoying the best fish, we collectively have a responsibility to ensure that our seafood is from a source which can replenish itself. You can see Paul featuring in the hugely influential series, Hugh's Fish Fight, produced by Channel 4, here.

We plan to extend this section of our site and as always would be delighted to receive your comments and thoughts on this issue. Contact: [email protected]

Our Approach

We are passionate about fish and shellfish, and as such we work incredibly hard to source only the best local and sustainable produce.The team ensures that every product sourced on our site - shellfish, fresh fish and frozen products - is supplied to us with a guarantee that it is produced responsibly. Where possible - and it isn't always possible all year round - we offer line-caught options and we'll always tell you whether this is the case. We hope the website is really clear, but if you have any questions about the provenance of our seafood, just drop the team a line on: [email protected]