Vitamin Sea - 5 Life-Enhancing Reasons to Eat Fish

Are you consuming two portions of fish a week? Nearly half of us are falling short of the expert's recommended amount. Here are 5 'reely' important reasons to up your intake.

1. Brighten your Outlook

Researchers around the world have shown that those who eat oily fish have a reduced risk of developing macular degeneration by 60%. This could be due to the anti-inflammatory properties of omega 3 fatty acids. Salmon in particular, is a great food for eye health with its omega 3 fatty acids contributing to visual development and the health of the retina.

2. Benefits your Bones

When it comes to strong bones, it's all about these two; calcium and vitamin D. Thankfully, there's a whole school of different fish choices which are jampacked with these bone-boosting nutrients. Oily fish is one of the best dietary sources of vitamin D around; herring, salmon and tuna are all great choices. Look beyond the dairy aisle for calcium; sardines are packed with it along with a hefty dose of omega 3s and vitamin D too. Around half the adults in the UK have insufficient levels of vitamin D - don't be one of them.

3. Boost your Brainpower

Stay sharp with the ocean's brain food to protect against age-related disorders such as Alzheimer's or dementia. It's reassuring to know that we can make food choices which support cognitive health, for mental as well as physical health. Essential fatty acids cannot be made by the body, yet they're vital for brain function - the most effective omega 3 fats are found in oily fish including; trout, mackerel, kippers, pilchards and herring. Fish oil may improve depression and other mental health disorders, benefit mild memory loss and even halt headaches. Any fin is possible with brainboosting fish and seafood.

4. Help your Heart

Both non-oily and oily types of fish have been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Fish is not only low in heart-unhealthy saturated fat, but also provides heart-happy omega 3s which may prevent irregular heart-beats and lower blood pressure. Salmon, sardines and mackerel are all great choices - just remember to prepare them in a healthy way - baking, grilling and steaming rather than frying. Sorry, but it's bye bye to battered!

5. Healthy Hearing

You guessed it, studies show that eating two or more servings of fish a week may reduce the risk of hearing loss, credited to those incredible omega 3s again. They can help reduce tissue inflammation in the ears, ward off age-related hearing loss and even help the signals between your brain and ears send more effectively. Fish with high percentages of omega 3s include; mackerel, herring, sardines, salmon, halibut and trout.

Fish is a superfood powerhouse; rich in protein, vitamins and minerals which are essential to maintain good health. While fish and seafood are a great choice for any age group, it's particularly important for seniors.

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Enjoy #AFreshApproachToSeafood with Fish for Thought.