The only way is Ethics

Fish for Thought present…

The most sustainable range of fish and shellfish available on the planet!

At Fish for Thought, we are on a mission to change the way people enjoy fish and shellfish forever. In order to achieve this, we are determined to lead the way when it comes to sustainable and ethical sourcing.

This has always been one of our fundamental guiding principles, and one which we use to help us make the right decisions when it comes to challenging the status quo. Whilst our industry is founded on the swashbuckling opportunism and seafaring traditions of these islands, we are nonetheless not an industry particularly renowned for embracing change.

A perception that is, at best, misleading – Fishermen, and particularly Cornish fishermen, are the ultimate pragmatists.

Prove that something is worthy of their consideration and effort, and they are with you 100%. It just takes someone to make that first step in the right direction. As part of our new website launch, we have spent a lot of time reviewing the range of fish and shellfish that we offer. This has involved us spending time with organisations like The Marine Stewardship Council, The Cornwall Good Seafood Guide and The Marine Conservation Society, gathering the facts on what we do, and its impact on the world around us.

We also work very closely with fantastic fishermen and markets, to ensure we get the whole picture.

Having taken the time to step back and take a ‘warts-and-all’ look at our industry practices, both locally and in some of the more exotic places, less familiar to us, we applied our conclusions to the range of products that we have traditionally supplied to our customers. A fair bit of soul-searching ensued and ethical boundaries were set. As a a result, we are very excited to be offering you what we firmly believe to be the most sustainable and ethically sourced selection of fish and shellfish available anywhere in the world.

Not only that, we are now delivering it directly to you in our very own Fully Recyclable Packaging!

And this is the real key! Everyone talks about taking sustainability and ethical sourcing seriously, but we prefer to let our actions speak for us... because we believe that doing the right thing, is always the right thing!

Here are just some of the actions we have taken:

· We are a Key Supporter of the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide

· We have stopped selling products with which we are not comfortable with their associated farming practices, catch methods, provenance or sustainability

· We are a proud Sponsor of The National Lobster Hatchery ‘Buy-One-Set-One Free’ Program

· We were ‘Highly Commended’ at Cornwall Sustainability Awards 2017, for Best Contribution to a Sustainable Food Economy

· Our salmon is RSPCA Assured & Certified.

As part of our commitment, we have reviewed every product we offer to make sure it meets the highest standards in terms of sustainable and ethical sourcing.

This has inevitably meant having to make some difficult decisions, regarding certain products that we have offered in the past.

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