The Cornwall Good Seafood Guide

Fish for Thought is proud to support the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide, helping to maintain healthy seas and sustainable fisheries in our incredible county. Here’s a little summary of who they are, what they do and why it matters!

The project is run by the Cornwall Wildlife Trust

They are a leading local charity which is working to protect Cornwall’s wildlife and wild places. The Cornwall Good Seafood Guide is about supporting our fisheries, healthy seas and sustainable species.

The Cornwall Good Seafood Guide aim to reward good practice and to incentivise further improvement for the long-term benefit of the fishing industry and our marine environment.

They’re helping us make the right decisions when buying our seafood

The Guide includes a directory of where to purchase sustainable seafood. At Fish for Thought, providing the finest, freshest fish from Cornwall is what we do – seafood which is ethically and sustainably sourced with real provenance.

The main aim of the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide is to provide clear and accurate information to help us all make environmentally informed decisions when buying seafood.

To understand the reasons to choose Cornish

The Cornish Fishing Industry is very well managed, highly regulated and more sustainable than ever before. We are also blessed with the fact that a huge range of different species are landed around our coasts every day, with up to 50 different species. Increasingly, Cornish Seafood is renowned for its quality and taste, and we are proud to be delivering the finest selection direct to homes across the UK.

The guide brings you all the information you need to choose high quality Cornish seafood, harvested with minimal impact on the marine environment.

The guide is packed with information about enjoying seasonal and sustainable seafood

The Cornwall Good Seafood Guide include a list of all seafood species which they recommend and at what time of year, making it super simple to understand the importance of sustainable fishing. It has been developed using the best available evidence, and through working with the fishing industry, processors and scientists, they are able to give comprehensive and clear advice on how and where to buy amazing Cornish seafood!

You may have noticed that we now only offer products which are deemed fully sustainable. This has resulted in some products either being replaced or removed from our shop, not an easy decision but certainly the best!

There is an eco-label to look out for

The Guide has a recommended symbol which can be used by supporters of the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide to show consumers that the seafood they’re buying is sustainable. We work closely with the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide to ensure we are buying and supplying the very best that Cornwall has to offer.

You can meet the fishermen!

The Guide even introduces the incredible local fishermen who work off our coasts to source the finest seafood available. Our fish comes to you as ‘straight off the boat’ as it is possible for it to be. First and foremost, it is important to note that the real heroes in our game are these skippers and fishermen who risk their lives every day to catch the fish and shellfish that we all love. We work closely with the best boats and markets all around the Cornish and South West coast to source what we firmly believe to be the finest seafood in the world!

We specialise in sourcing sustainable fish and shellfish directly, and can tell you exactly where it comes from, right down to the market, and even the boat.

Includes delicious Seafood Recipes

If our own Recipe section still leaves you wanting more, the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide provides an incredible array of recipes and ideas. From Crab and Avocado Tortillas to Smoked Mackerel Pittas, between us, we’ll have every taste and occasion covered!

We were delighted to hook up with Matt Slater recently - Founder of the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide – who matches our passion for incredible, sustainable Cornish seafood. Have a watch of what happened when we took Matt to Market!

We’re helping everyone enjoy #AFreshApproachToSeafood… get on board!

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Cornwall Good Seafood Guide