Seafishing in Newquay

Holywell Bay

A good beach for bassing using peeler crab, sandeels and large mackerel fillet. As with all Cornish beaches don't cast too far out for bass but if using two rods try whacking one further to try your luck for ray using sandeel.

Porth Joke

A beautiful small bay best fished evenings for bass.

Crantock Bay

Best places are Salt Cove, near the mouth of the channel during early part of the flood or further up the Gannel where it narrows towards Crantock. Fish tend to be smaller on these marks so beware of minimum sizes on bass etc. Shoals of mullet swim up through here so can be good sport on light tackle.

Pentire Point

Fishing from the rocks here is good for mackerel, garfish, pollack and wrasse. Beware of the sea swell and don't get too near the water. Float fishing and spinning with sandeel work well.

Fistral Bay

Bassing mainly off this beach when the crowds have gone, eary morning or late evenings best. Lugworm, ragworm, peeler crab and sandeel are the preferred baits. Again don't cast too far, as many good fish have been caught on a mis-cast here.

Towan Head (Newquay Headland)

By the car parking area, near the lifeboat house, virtually anywhere on the right hand side, are the fishing marks at this popular place . Good for float fishing sandeel at about 12 to 16 foot depth for mackerel and pollack. If you like catching garfish reduce depth to 4 to 6 feet. Nearly all clean bottom here so ledgering with rag, lug or sandeel can produce plaice, dabs and occasional bass. Further along the headland is good for mullet and the reasons for this soon become apparent. Light tackle, using coarse fishing methods are a must. Small sliding float or light ledger tactics so the bait just drifts down seems to do the trick. Have a landing net to hand as mullet have soft mouths and are easily lost if too much strain is put on. Maggots, bread and small ragworm produce.

Rocket Pole

Following the footpath from Fly Cellars towards the Headland near the Atlantic Hotel is the way to approach this rock mark. Float fishing and spinning here. Why not try your hand at wrasse and trigger fish close in to the rocks using rag, lug or peeler but you have to be quick on the strike if you don't want to lose too much tackle. Try this on all rock marks but please return the fish, as they are not particuarly good to eat and very boney. ###Fly Cellars (Down the hill by Red Lion Pub) The most popular mark of all for mackerel, garfish, pollack, plaice and small wrasse. Horse mackerel (scad) come in as the light fades.(too boney to eat). All methods and all baits are suitable here and there is a useful shelter if the weather turns nasty. Night fishing for conger using a mackerel head closeish to the rocks produces on occasions.

Harbour Walls

North quay (nearest Fly). Try for mullet inside the harbour when boat traffic allows. Use well mashed up mackerel mixed with bread and fish oil + a few maggots as a groundbait to get them in a feeding frenzy. Cast your light tackle to drift down with the groundbait using either a tiny piece of belly mackerel fillet or maggot on size 12 hook to 4 -6lb line. Fish from end of wall. Methods as per FLY CELLARS but keep an eye out for boat traffic.

South quay

Fish all methods as per FLY CELLARS. Rocks near toilets can produce bass.

Newquay Beaches

All of Newquay beaches are good for bass fishing but due to the crowds can only best be fished either early morning or late evening which is just as well, as they fish best at these times anyway.

Porth Island (Trevelgue Head)

Fishing marks are difficult to describe here but when you look around they soon become apparent. Most are on the right hand side of the point. The very point itself should only be fished in calm weather as the waves tend to chase you here due to the angle of the rocks. All methods useable. Bottom fishing using sandeel slowly retrieved can produce turbot. Porth beach itself is only productive at evening low tides, bass being the target fish. Don't forget, if after all that effort you still can't catch any fish, you can buy it from Fish For Thought Shop

Please take care when fishing. Check tide times. Don't get too near the water's edge. Watch out for that extra big wave or long surge. Tell someone where you intend to fish. You might also want to read our guide on fishing in Cornwall.

Caution - If you should catch a small, ugly looking fish with an upturned mouth, don't touch. It could be a weaver fish which has a sting in it's dorsal fin !! If you're not sure, ask someone experienced to identify any species you haven't caught before.

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Please take home any rubbish and discarded tackle