The Story of Our Fish Phone

There’s no question that the high street fishmonger is a wonderful establishment. It is a place where you can see first-hand the skill that goes into preparing fresh fish and shellfish, as the craftsmen and women deftly fillet, scale and trim seafood to suit every kitchen. The connection between sea and land is deepened through a better understanding of hearing first-hand information about who catches the fish and how they are caught. What’s more, easy conversations in likeminded company bring tips, creative new seafood dishes and recipe ideas to the fore. And it is always nice to have a chat about a shared interest, especially one as fascinating as the world of fish.

However, while a number of high street fishmongers survive and continue to serve their local communities, the truth is that a great many have closed their doors in the past fifty or so years. With each closure goes another piece of the network of seafood experts who connect our towns and cities with the splendid seafood from British waters.

There are various factors that have driven this change, with the rise of the supermarkets and a loss of kitchen skills and confidence in handling seafood playing a big part. People are just a bit scared of cooking with seafood. It has resulted in the extraordinary situation that today we import 80% of the seafood we eat – mainly salmon, cod and tuna, and export 80% of what is landed on our shores.

This is why we are so proud of what we call our “fish phone” here at Fish for Thought. As an independent sustainable seafood retailer, our HQ in Cornwall is filled to the rafters with fish experts, and it is our mission to get the nation loving our local catch. We encourage customers to call in so that we can help you make the most of the glorious fish and shellfish from Cornwall. Whether your question is as simple as how to cook lemon sole, or advice on the best fish to use in a Bouillabaisse, or how to fillet a bit of mackerel you’ve caught yourself, we are happy to help. We want the nation to start loving our great British seafood again!

The high street fishmonger may be an endangered beast, but we are proud to offer the same outstanding expert service, and you don’t even need to leave the house!

Call our fish phone on 01208 262202.