Five Ways Fish For Thought Is Different

We started Fish For Thought to transform the fishing industry from the inside out. To make it better for our communities, our seas and our wildlife, and for people who love truly fresh, flavourful seafood. Read on to find out the five ways we are making waves!

1. Not For Sale!

We shout about the seafood we don’t sell as much as the delicious and sustainable species we do offer. This is because there are certain species that are widely sold by fish and shellfish retailers in full knowledge of their dwindling populations or high vulnerability, or because of the wider impact of the fishing method used. For us, it’s like they are selling pandas. We also try to educate our customers, nudging them away from overfished favourites, towards lesser-known but just as delicious local alternatives. Take a look at our blog that explains the different fishing techniques and their sustainability here. We work closely with the Cornwall Wildlife Trust to check on species population health, and review the science on which fish we should and shouldn’t be selling every six months.

2. Our Famous Fish Phone

Seafood can be intimidating for those unfamiliar with fish. Unlike with cuts of meat like beef, lamb or pork, with fish you are often dealing with a whole animal, and that can be difficult to tackle if you don’t know where to start. This is where we come in! Consider us your local high street fishmonger, just on the phone instead. You’ll get right through to our friendly team in our small office in Bodmin, Cornwall, who will be able to give you expert advice on what type of fish you might need, how to cook it, or what other brilliant products we can offer that will fit the bill. Call us on 01208 262202 and let’s talk fish.

3. Our Ultra-Short Supply Chain

Did you know that supermarket seafood can be 10 days old by the time it reaches shelves? We think that’s pretty grim. We started Fish For Thought to offer an alternative to this tired, often tasteless fish that was more likely to put people off than get them excited about seafood. The crazy thing is that 80% of the seafood we eat in the UK is imported, and we export 80% of what we land on our shores. It is time this changed and we are waving the flag for the fantastic Cornish seafood that surrounds us. We buy direct from Cornwall’s markets and boats and ship it to you within 48 hours – a week fresher than the supermarkets, with no middlemen, so your money supports rural fishing communities rather than far flung investors.

4. Fish Made Easy!

We know that while many of our customers love us for our fresh whole fish and shellfish that they prefer to prepare and cook themselves, there are plenty of you who love seafood, but struggle with the time and perhaps inclination required to get it to the table. This is where our game-changing Seafood Kitchen comes in! We have a professional kitchen in our Cornwall HQ, powered by an exceptionally talented chef team led by Brett and Stu. This corner of Cornwall is a cornucopia of seafood culinary mastery. As well as the classics like [Cornish Lobster Thermidor[( (it takes two days to make!) they conjure up incredible new dishes to delight our customers on special occasions, such as Lemon Sole Kyiv, Lobster Wellington and Salmon & Caviar Profiteroles. They also make the everyday magic, by handcrafting beautiful sauces to bring out the best in simply cooked fish. Check out the collection here.

5. Force For Good

We aren’t like other seafood retailers. We look to have a positive impact in all we do, from local employment, to how we run our business. Others talk the talk about sustainability, but the reality is they are there to make a profit. We find it astonishing that any business that claims to be sustainable would deliver seafood in unrecyclable polystyrene boxes, yet this is widespread practice among our competitors. Our approach is different. Of course, we led the charge with 100% recyclable packaging years ago, but we go far beyond that. We want to make a genuine difference in everything we do. By supporting the Cornish fishing communities directly, we are proud to help preserve this way of life. Cornish fishing is a beacon of sustainability, the world looks to us for how to do things better and we are so proud to champion best practice fishing in this way. We also support many charities locally, from the Lobster Hatchery to the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, so we can support our marine ecosystems in every way we can.