If you love food, you need to know about our Seafood Recipe Boxes!

We've started something new and exciting! We have retired our Seafood Recipe Boxes to make way for our brand new Seafoodie Club, our unique Seafood Subscription. You can find out more about it here: The Seafoodie Club

Are you a foodie? Or even better, a seafoodie? If the answer is yes, then we’re about to make you VERY happy. Say hello to our Fish for Thought Seafood Recipe Boxes. We are making it our mission to help you #GetHookedOnHealthy by bringing you the freshest ingredients to cook and enjoy incredible seafood dishes at home! So go on, let us inspire you, take #AFreshApproachToSeafood.

We launched our speciality Seafood Recipe Boxes in 2016 and to date are still delivering boxes of fresh seafood goodies, ingredients and step-by-step recipe guides direct to homes throughout the UK. With 9 amazing dishes to choose from each week, all lovingly created by Chef Adam and his Team, who wouldn’t want to enjoy restaurant-standard meals in their very own home?! Following our recipe cards to create mouth-watering dishes at home couldn’t be easier. In many cases, Chef Adam will have done a lot of the prep work for you and in one or two cases, the whole meal (winning!)

Not only do we provide our Seafood Recipe Boxes packed with fresh, Cornish produce straight to your door - but we also strive to deliver:

1. Inspiration and Provenance

With so many mind-blowing recipes to choose from, you’ll feel spoilt for choice and absolutely inspired. Once you have chosen your dishes, we pack our fully-recyclable packaging boxes with everything you need for a delicious meal. Be it a dinner party or a quiet night in - we portion the ingredients perfectly, meaning minimum wastage and maximum enjoyment.

Provenance is at the heart of what we do; our honest and genuine heritage ensures you are always getting quality, fresh seafood from Cornwall. Caught by fishermen and women off the South West coasts, we buy our seafood straight off the boat at the market. It’s collected and delivered direct to Fish For Thought HQ (in the famous harbour town of Bodmin!) - where it’s expertly prepared, packaged and posted to our lovely customers across the UK. It really is the easiest way to enjoy the finest, freshest seafood from Cornwall.

We are committed to leaving the world a better plaice (see what we did there?) and would love everyone to enjoy our seafood and its array of nutritional benefits.

2. Unbeatable Freshness

The only way our seafood could be fresher is if you caught it yourselves! From sea to plate in 48 hours and our ‘no catch’ guarantee, we go the extra mile to do our very best to deliver unbeatable freshness for our Customers. The fish is prepared, packaged and packed with food-safe chill packs and Wool fleece insulation. This natural, performance packaging is Food Standards Agency quality and is fully compostable. The complex structure and natural properties of wool allow it to cope with extremes of cold and heat - it’s known as one of nature’s most amazing ‘smart fibres’!

3. Healthy, Quick and Simple Recipes

We are all about the simple life. Chef Adam’s delicious sauces and marinades add all the flavour and remove all the stress. Whether it’s a punchy wild garlic pesto or a classic moules mariniere sauce, each one is carefully crafted and perfectly portioned in our very own Seafood Kitchen.

Our subscription process is super-easy to manage too. Once you are signed up, simply choose your recipes and preferred delivery day and leave the rest to us! Chef Adam and his Team will prepare your order the day before your delivery is due, ensuring you receive the freshest ingredients to cook with.

By picking your recipes beforehand, we take meal planning out of the equation. Convenience is key, and we’re sure we’ll have something on the menu for everyone! We understand that some people find the process of cooking seafood a challenge, and that’s where our Recipe Boxes come into their own!

Imagine having a package arrive which provides everything you need for restaurant-standard seafood dishes, in exactly the amount you need? Our super simple recipe cards allow you to cook healthy, quick and DELICIOUS meals that are perfect for busy lives; whether it be after a long day at work or for the perfect weekend feast, our aim is to make cooking and enjoying seafood easy and accessible for everyone.

It’s time to take #AFreshApproachToSeafood and get hooked on our Seafood Recipe Boxes. You’ll oh-fish-ally love them! Click here