Fish for Thought - Your Local Fishmonger

With supermarkets offering the same ‘safe’ but boring choices of 7-14 day old seafood, more and more people are searching for a ‘fishmonger near me’ in hope of something better. Buying from a Cornish fishmonger which is local to the historic and traditional fishing ports of Cornwall is hugely beneficial in ensuring you are receiving the very freshest & best of local sustainable fish and seafood.

With a local fishmonger, you’re able to try new fish and experiment with seafood knowing you can trust the advice of a dedicated expert who is happy to talk to you about the provenance and sustainable fishing methods used to catch the fish you are buying. More often than not supermarket fish offerings are poor in regards to choice and quality, favouring the safer breeds (often overfarmed as a result) such as Salmon and Cod, but compromising on quality in favour of operational margins. This simply isn’t good enough and there is a better way, even if there isn’t a fishmonger near you.

That’s because Fish for Thought, the UK’s leading online seafood supplier delivers nationwide to your doorstep for free, with a promise to be fresher and better than the supermarkets served with an unbeatable no-catch guarantee; offering a superior selection of the greatest seafood on the planet, that will make you question how you ever put up with the poor slim seafood pickings of your preferred supermarket.


We believe in our seafood, we love our customers who depend on us for excellent quality fish that’s partnered with all the help & advice they need with us providing advice on our Social Media, Website, YouTube Channel, Recipe Cards and more. We want to make seafood easy and enjoyable, not overwhelming and confusing.

Ordering from Fish for Thought is easier than you may think, 100% of the seafood you purchase from us is sustainable, it is fresher than you can get anywhere else, the packaging is fully recyclable and reusable as well as taking one less thing off your mind when you are doing your big shop. It’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for using our fish-finder tool and we always try to recommend other species of fish you might like to try!

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