Fresh Sustainable Salmon

All of our salmon are Freedom Foods Accredited through the RSPCA, so you can be confident in the welfare conditions and husbandry embraced by the farms we work with. Anyone that has had the fortune to visit the Shetlands will know that the Islands provide perfect conditions for developing lean and fit fish. Since Scottish Aquaculture began in the 1980s, Shetland has been at the forefront of salmon farming in terms of quality and best practice farming.

The creation of the Shetland Seafood Quality Control (SSQC) as an independent auditor of seafood companies really sets the standards. SSQC monitors the salmon right through its life journey to the final processed product. Each sector is governed by strict codes of practice concerning all stages of their operations. Animal welfare is very important to the farms we work with and they demand the highest standards of husbandry. By providing the fish with plenty of space to move around, causing as little stress as possible allows for much healthier salmon which is of a superior quality.