Dine at Home this Valentine’s Day

Spoil the one you love this Valentine’s day with our dine at home menu. Available to order for delivery between Friday 2nd - Thursday 29th February. From Starters and desserts to drinks and gift ideas we have a great selection to make the day special.

Why not take a look at our date night menu options:

crab and tomato soup

Main Course: Lobster Wellington with Saffron & Parmesan Veloute

Indulge in the exquisite Lobster Wellington, known for its extraordinary taste and visual appeal, a perfect addition to your Valentine's Day feast. We start by using pot-caught Cornish lobster tail, delicately enveloped in finely sliced chestnut mushrooms. This stunning combination is then covered with a velvety cod and parsley mousse, all beautifully encased in a herb and chive pancake, and finally wrapped in flaky puff pastry.

To enhance the overall experience, we present a luxurious Saffron and Parmesan sauce that brings together the flavours harmoniously, while adding a delightful touch of colour. Complementing this exceptional dish, we have carefully curated a side of tender broccoli and substantial chestnut mushrooms. This meal is both simple to prepare and will undeniably guarantee to impress your loved one.

You can choose from 3 different starters:

Option A: Crab and Tomato Soup

Vibrant and packed full of flavour, this delicious soup is the perfect introduction to a romantic meal for two. Made from sustainably sourced Cornish crab meat with a luxuriant silky tomato base and boasts a little heat.

Option D: Lobster Bisque

Why not go for the Lobster Bisque starter, made from Cornish Lobster, herbs, spices, vegetables, wine & brandy and lashings of double cream. Handmade in our Seafood Kitchen, using the finest local ingredients, our bisque is truly a rich and velvety labour of love.

Option G: Twice Baked Crab Souffle with Thermidor Sauce

Enjoy a fantastic bit of theatre this Valentine’s Day and impress your partner with these delicious soufflés, served in scallop shells. Made with hand-picked Cornish white and brown crab meat in a crab bisque bechamel soufflé base, paired with uplifting lemon zest and chives.

Incredibly simple to prepare, they arrive frozen and ready to pop into the oven – just add the thermidor sauce and they will lightly rise to the occasion in just 25 minutes.

And for dessert:

Baileys profiteroles

What better way to finish your Valentine’s day meal with a bowl of Bailey’s Profiteroles. Delicate choux pastry filled with a handmade Bailey’s ice-cream crafted from Cornish double cream, mascarpone, vanilla and a healthy glug of the Irish cream liqueur of choice! It all comes with a salted caramel sauce, again hand made with Cornish Sea Salt and yet more Cornish double cream.

wild seabream

Main Course: Wild Seabream

Try one of our most popular dishes to come out of last year, a delicately spiced, slow cooked, aromatic chickpea stew paired with wild black bream fillet. This fabulous bowl of North African warmth is perfect for a Valentine’s meal for two.

Starter Options:

And for dessert:

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Indulge in a luscious sticky toffee pudding, homemade date sponge drenched in our delectable toffee sauce, enriched with Cornish double cream. Complemented by traditional Cornish clotted cream.

monkfish fillet

Main Course: Monkfish fillet

Our chef-made Tomato & Olive Bolognese Sauce gives a wonderful savoury Italian kick to our mighty Monkfish fillets, complemented by Provencal vegetables, making this dish totally delicious!

Starter Option:

And for dessert:

Melt-in-the-middle Chocolate Orange

This luxurious dessert is the perfect choice for a romantic celebration on Valentine's Day. The irresistible combination of velvety dark chocolate and zesty, citrusy oranges takes centre stage in this remarkable fusion. As you delve into the depths of this dessert, the luscious liqueur-infused orange core gracefully emerges from its exquisite dark chocolate shell, creating a feast for your eyes and a delight for your taste buds.