A fresh approach to seafood – because there is a better way!

We’re celebrating our fresh, new website with FREE DELIVERY* and by sharing a series of stories, special offers and chef exclusives.

'Fresh' by definition is: 'not previously known or used; new or different. Full of energy and vigour.'

And it's our word of the moment!

Fresh stands for new, exciting, bright and unconventional. Fresh is unfamiliar, original, challenges the status quo and leads the way. With that in mind, it's time to introduce you to our brand-new website and a celebration of all things - you guessed it - fresh.

Coinciding with Spring - the month of rejuvenation, growth and renewal - wave goodbye to dismal weather, winter hibernation and old habits. Say hello to #AFreshApproachToSeafood and join us to welcome new beginnings!

At Fish for Thought, 'fresh' is at our core...

The freshest, finest fish and shellfish. The freshest ingredients Fresh ideas Fresh recyclable packaging A fresh approach And.... a fresh new website!

We are absolutely committed to delivering the very best fish and shellfish to your door, to help everyone cook and enjoy healthy, nutritious and delicious seafood at home. Our website is powered by omega-3-fuelled goodness; seafood recipes, special offers, #FishandTips, nutritional information, sustainability and provenance stories... then there's the seafood! Designed to showcase what we do, why we do it and what we stand for -- we hope our website has you hooked!

Working closely with the very best markets and fishermen around the Cornish and South West coast, we want to make the world a better plaice one fish at a time - by making the right choices, staying true to our values while striving forwards on our mission to help everyone enjoy seafood and its incredible benefits.

Without question, seafood deserves its superfood status. With a whole range of nutrients, it's a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and protein, not to mention the all-important omega-3s needed for physical and mental health. It's feel-good food in every sense -- it's about being the very best version of yourself, fueling your mind and body with nourishing food, safe in the knowledge that your seafood was caught sustainably and responsibly. We can even tell you where your order was caught, the market we bought it from and in some cases, the fisherman it was landed by!

We're celebrating our new website with FREE DELIVERY* and by sharing a series of stories, special offers and chef exclusives. From Facebook competitions to FREE seafood treats, behind-the-scenes insights and recommended recipes, have #AFreshApproachToSeafood with Fish for Thought. Your journey to happy, healthy living - to buy better and live better -- starts here!

*FREE delivery this week, placed and delivered between now and Saturday 12th May 2018, minimum order £35.