Why we no longer sell Wild Seabass

Currently Unsustainable and So We Do Not Offer for Sale

Over recent years information from fisheries studies have shown that bass stocks in European
waters are being over exploited.

Since 2016, stringent measures have been put in place to significantly reduce catches to allow
stocks to recover. These include a total landing ban in 2017, the banning of pair trawling and
significantly reduced catch limits. In addition, the minimum landing size has been increased
to 42cm across the whole of Europe.

In 2018 there is a total ban on recreational fishermen (including spearfishermen) taking bass
throughout the whole of the European Union.

These measures are expected to significantly help bass stocks recover, but until they do, we
have decided not to offer wild seabass.

This view is aligned with The Cornwall Good Seafood Guide and Marine Conservation
Society, who have rated Wild Seabass 5 – a fish to avoid at this time!

We continue to offer a huge range of alternative fish and shellfish that are sustainably and
ethically sourced. I hope the reasons behind this decision are clear, and I hope that you will
support this decision as we all try and do our bit to protect the ocean.

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