5 Reasons why Recyclable Packaging is so important

Sustainable practices reach every corner of Fish for Thought and last year, we achieved something remarkable; becoming the first and only Online Seafood Business to deliver in fully-recyclable packaging!

We have always worked tirelessly to offer ethically sourced and sustainable seafood, but for a long time, we had been uncomfortable with the secondary packaging in which our seafood travelled. In 2016, we set ourselves the daunting challenge to find a planet-friendly alternative that actually did the job. After months of testing many different solutions (and approximately 89 jars of coffee), in September 2017 we were the very first online seafood supplier to launch fully-recyclable packaging!

We are very proud to lead the way in our industry and hope that others will quickly follow our lead. We are 100% committed to doing our bit and to leave the world a better place. Our achievement reflects just how ambitious and passionate we are about sustainable practice.

Here’s just 5 reasons why being eco-friendly is so important…

1. Avoids Unnecessary Packaging

We’ve all seen the headlines about the devastating effect single-use packaging has on our environment. Watching BBC1’s Blue Planet series showed us the reality of our oceans crippled by plastic bottles, straws, coffee cups, microbeads and carrier bags. We all have a responsibility to take action, and you can reduce your carbon footprint through eco-friendly food packaging.

2. Reduces Waste

Drawing on expert knowledge from fields as varied as refrigeration engineering, construction and design technology, we eventually came up with a bespoke system that enables us to dispatch both fresh and frozen products, in the same, recyclable box. In doing so, we’re simplifying the recycling process which ultimately reduces overall waste in our environment.

3. Easier Disposal

We used to send our seafood in polystyrene boxes – but they were impossible to recycle! We were categorically unhappy with this, and so were you. All of our Recipe Boxes and online deliveries are now sent in fully-recyclable cardboard boxes (beautifully designed by our wonderful Rachel!)

Our cardboard delivery boxes are recyclable either by kerbside collection or at local authority waste depots. The natural wool fleece insulation, which keeps the fish and seafood cool, is totally compostable and biodegradable, releasing valuable nitrates back into the soil. The MDPE plastic film used to enclose the fleece insulation and the LDPE plastic envelopes used for vacuum packing and sauce pouches are generally recyclable at local waste depots. The gel in the chill-pacs is food-safe and can be emptied down the sink, and the outside packaging - again - can be recycled at local authority waste depots.

Disposing of recyclable packaging is a simple process when compared to other alternatives, so we hope you will find it easier to recycle your products which will not only save you time, but will feel great too!

4. More Versatile

When you’ve received and enjoyed your incredible fresh seafood, that’s not the end of your Fish for Thought packaging! We encourage all our customers to re-use their packaging and include a helpful ‘Important Recycling Information’ flyer (which is recyclable of course!) in every delivery, which provides useful tips and ideas on how to do this.

From re-freezing the chill-pacs to use again in the summer (perfect for keeping picnics cold!) to using the sheep’s fleece to keep rose-beds frost-free during winter – you can be as creative as you like. Quite literally; “think outside the box”!

The only limits here are your imagination and ingenuity so go on, give it a go. The planet will thank you for it!

5. Responsibility

We aim to make the world a better place and we put our money where our mouth is… gone are the poly-boxes! Revolutionising our packaging was the responsible step for our business, and for our planet. Without question, businesses which are reducing their carbon footprint are making small steps towards a sustainable future. The costs and time commitment can’t be ignored, but the truth is, every single thing we do every day has an impact on our planet. The good news is, your decisions have a global impact and eco-friendly packaging is a great place to start your journey.

Here’s Founder Paul talking through the process of our groundbreaking recyclable packaging, and why it was so important to Fish for Thought to make the change!

We would like to say a massive thank you to all our customers who gave us their thoughts and feedback, helping us achieve our new packaging. It was a long, costly and very challenging journey, EVERYTHING on our site is now delivered in fully-recyclable packaging. #AFreshApproachToSeafood