Christmas Turkey

Eat Better Meat with Farmison & Co

Farmison & Co. are online butchers who are on a mission to provide better meat sourced sustainably in the UK.

Trio of fish pate

Christmas Starter Ideas

Why not kick off your Christmas feast with a delicious seafood starter? It's important not to overindulge before the main event, but you still want your loved ones to savour the delights and overall experience of their festive meal.

christmas food hamper

Christmas Gift Ideas - Christmas Hamper

When it comes to the task of purchasing Christmas gifts, it can often feel like navigating a treacherous terrain. However, if you find yourself lacking in inspiration for Christmas gift ideas, there is one fail-proof option: a hamper.

christmas feast

The Christmas Gathering

Christmas is a special time where joy fills the air, merry moments are shared with loved ones and delicious food takes center stage. The magic of Christmas lies in the celebrations, laughter, and the indulgence of a delightful feast.

fish for thought

Taste of the West - 2023

There is no denying the South West has a great reputation for fabulous food and drink both produce and in the hospitality industry. For more than 30 years, the Taste of the West has actively supported and promoted this thriving industry in the region, making it the most esteemed food and drink award program in the South West.

pizza oven

5 seafood pizza recipe ideas

Although not favoured by everyone, Seafood pizzas are a delicious and unique twist on the classic Italian dish, adding a burst of flavour and culinary delight to each slice.

fish sauces

The Ultimate Guide to Fish Sauce Recipes

To help you add a touch of magic to your plate, we offer a diverse range of sauce recipes on our website. We have compiled them to provide you with inspiration on which meals to pair them with.

seafood pasta

Our Top Three Seafood Pasta Dishes

Pasta offers endless possible combinations of flavours from simple vegetarian recipes, meat recipes, but the ones we are most excited about are the seafood pasta recipes.

scallops in shell

How to cook scallops

Scallops are a type of shellfish found in cold waters across the globe. In the UK these delightful shellfish are primarily sourced from regions such as Cornwall, Scotland, and the Isle of Man. They are a true delicacy of the sea, their delicate and sweet flavour, paired with a tender and buttery texture, makes them an irresistible treat. Scallops are also highly versatile in the kitchen, as they can be cooked using various techniques such as searing, grilling and poaching.

Our ultra-short supply chain

Freshness Champions

One of the travesties of supermarket fish system is how it has both narrowed the options for the consumer AND removed real fresh fish from their offering. Our ultra-short supply chain is bringing back fresh - this is what it should taste like!

A strong arm with a Cornish fish on it

Fish as a Force For Good

We believe that well managed fishing industries can bring good on so many levels, to the environment, to society and the rural economy. Here’s a little dive into why we see seafood as so much more than something for dinner.

Our famous fish phone

The Story of Our Fish Phone

The high street fishmonger may be an endangered beast, but we are proud to offer the same outstanding expert service, and you don’t even need to leave the house!

Call our fish phone on 01208 262202.