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BBQ Scallops with Smoked Garlic Butter

BBQ Scallops Recipe
These are very easy to cook, but be warned these are seriously moreish! Smoked garlic is very sweet, has a subtle smoked flavour and does not overpower a dish.
Smoked garlic is available from some good supermarkets and delis.
x Half Shell Scallops (3 per portion for a starter or 5 for a main course)
x cloves of Smoked Garlic
g butter (softened)
A few sprigs of Flat Parsley
A few twists of Black Pepper
x wedge of Lemon
1. Start by slipping a small sharp knife under each scallop to loosen it from the shell.

2. Mash the smoked garlic into the softened butter and put a knob of this onto each scallop.

3. Then give each a twist of black pepper and chill until needed.

4. Before cooking cut the parsley leaves into thin strips and cut your lemon wedges.

5. With you BBQ at a good temperature place the scallops on the metal cooking bars still in the shells.

6. The butter will quickly melt and the scallop will start to fry in the hot garlic butter.

7. After 3 minutes of sizzling turn the scallop meat over in the shell using a pair of tongs to cook the other side for a 3 or 4 minutes.

8. Using the tongs lift the scallops in their shells from the BBQ onto the plates.

9. Sprinkle shredded parsley on top of each one and finish with a squeeze of lemon.

10. Serve with crusty bread and butter and a tossed summer salad.

NB. The shells can get very hot so warn you guests not to touch the hot shells.