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Grilled Mackerel recipe

Anthony Boyd's Grilled Mackerel with brandade croquettes and smoked paprika aioli
We are thrilled that Anthony Boyd, Head Chef at La Trompette has provided us with a fantastic mackerel recipe. This is one of London's finest restaurants that we also supply - thank you Anthony and team.
x Mackerel, (weight after scaling & filleting)

Brandade croquettes:

g Potato (desiree or maris piper)
x fl oz milk
x lemon (zest)
Olive oil

Smoked Paprika aioli (Makes more than enough for this recipe but keeps well in the fridge and is a good accompaniment to many dishes)

x egg yolks
x pint vegetable oil
x tablespoon dijon mustard
x tablespoon white wine vinegar
x teaspoon smoked paprika
x clove roasted garlic
1. First you must salt the cod for at least half an hour; whilst the cod is curing you can set up a pan with the milk to boil.

2. After said time wash the cod and place in the boiled milk, leave to rest for about 10 minutes.

3. Next add the lemon zest and a spoon of olive oil to the cooked and crushed potato finally add the cod and mix, discarding the milk.

4. After the mix has cooled you can shape it into small balls and then coat in bread crumbs - deep fry to serve.

5. For the aioli - place the yolks, mustard, vinegar, garlic and paprika in to a bowl and start whisking, slowly start pouring in the vegetable oil until emulsified, perhaps occasionally letting down with a little cold water .

6. Finally place the mackerel skin up under the grill with a bit of salt and olive oil until the skin crisps up.

7. Deep fry the croquettes and place on a towel to dry.

8. Arrange all components on a plate and serve.