Guide to all things Mussels

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Cooking and storing live mussels

Our local partner, Fowey Oyster Farm, supplies both our mussels and oysters. They are ready purged and certified before sold. Providing you follow the advice below, they are safe to store for a few days until ready for use. The wild mussels are unrivalled in flavour and grow to large size.

Keep mussels tightly packed in the bottom of the fridge until required.

Do not immerse in water.

When required, rinse in cold water.

Discard any broken mussels, and those which gape and fail to close during handling or when tapped sharply

Steam with lid on in 1cm of fluid over a high heat. Shake saucepan after two minutes.The mussels are cooked after they open (usually about three to five minutes).

Discard any that have not opened. Serve the mussels immediately.